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When the trading gets rough, the pros go insider

The farm to table vertical integration of the gates foundation investing racket

by el gato malo – bad cattitude – may 6, 2023

in the aftermath of great events, “who knew what and when did they know it?” is always an interesting question.

the US intelligence community (michael spenger substack ) was suspected to have caught wind of covid back in november 2019.

astonishingly, the IC itself denies this and claims they were in the dark until later

Every official interviewed by the Committee—from working level analysts at NCMI to an official with relevant knowledge at the NSC—said that their first indication of a novel virus came with the publication of the ProMED notice published at 11:59 p.m. on December 30, 2019 that reported the announcement of a novel virus by the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee.

In sum, the first warnings of COVID-19 came from the non-IC based public health track—in this case disease surveillance conducted by local public health authorities in Wuhan.

but this invites some pretty pointy questions about their competence, no?

because it sure looks like pretty much everyone on the super special inside track of business and finance CLEARLY knew by then.

bill gates knew. the WEF and team davos knew. and they were making big plays to make big money months before the intelligence community is even claimed, much less claims to have known what was going on.

it does make one wonder…

bill gates bought $55 million (with an option for $100mm) of bioNtech stock in september of 2019 right before they suddenly had the intellectual property for the most profitable vaccine in history.

they were not working on vaccines previously.

i wonder where they got the tech?

no one seems to know.

but it sure looks like billy g knew.

so, here’s a fun little nugget from the bill and melinda gates foundation investment into bioNtech, from whom pfizer licensed the IP for the covid vaccine.

pretty prescient for september 2019.


does this seem like “boilerplate?”

because it seems oddly specific (but deniable) as a “partnership” on something unrelated that could suddenly be “covid.”

and the timing is awfully provocative especially in light of some other events.

he did well getting out as well.

gates sold in 2021, banking $260 million, pretty much right at the top and has since changed his tune on mRNA vaccines, but this is hardly uncommon for “investors talking their book.”

the rest of this fact pattern looks a bit nastier though, more like the 3.0 sand hill road model of “buy up companies in a space and then mandate the adoption of their products.”

this has been the great game out there since even before kleiner perkins hired al gore to shill and lobby for their greentech portfolio. they are currently playing a similar (and more subtle) game playing hungry hungry hippos with HVAC companies and then pushing through new “air handling mandates” for new buildings, schools, offices, etc. cuz “public health.”

but the gates foundation makes them look like pikers.

if you’re going to make a big push into selling vaccines and drugs, why buy mere lobbyists when you can buy the WHO? gates is by far their largest private donor, 25X the size of the next biggest and was their number 2 donor overall.

$531 million buys A LOT of access and control. it’s perfect. the WHO is not only on the ground all over, but they also give advice and set policy/terms for assistance. so gates gets all the info instantly about what’s happening in diseases and then gets to tell the WHO what to tell everyone to do about it. play the hero and add a zero (to your bank balances).

it’s a truly great grift and few dare call it out as the nasty, hard-knuckle lobbying and advocacy it is because it looks like philanthropy.

weaponized philanthropy to be sure, but “philanthropy” and tax free to boot.

not only did bill get early word on wuhan and reach out and place big money on the one subtle square that was going to pay out huge by suddenly having the answer to the most asked question on earth and coming out of obscure nowhere to partner with pharma titan pfizer, but he went a full step further and actually held a pandemic war game under the auspices of john’s hopkins that gathered top policy makers and thought leaders to assess a global outbreak of an “imaginary” disease that happened to look exactly like SARS-cov2. this was the now infamous “event 201.

and look who threw the party: the WEF and the gates foundation.

it’s obvious that they knew exactly what was coming. this was the overt planning plenary for covid. it was not pretend. and many/most those attending must have known that. this is the same time gates was buying bioNtech.

the bioNtech investment was 9/4/19. event 201 was 10/18, five weeks later.

who knows how much earlier the due diligence and planning must have begun, especially for the investment.

there’s getting lucky, and there’s putting the fix in because you know what others do not.

tell me that this “imaginary scenario” 2-3 months before the whole world knew what was happening was just a lucky guess.

the “players” were a high powered gang including big business, healthcare companies, the UN, the head of china’s CDC, a number of academics, the head of US CDC preparedness and response, monetary authorities, and media firms.

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