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Bottom Line On Epstein

By Karl Denninger – 2023-05-23

Let’s make it simple, since now there are rumors flying around that he tried to blackmail Bill Gates regarding an affair he might — or might not — have had with a young but of legal age woman who was very good at playing chess.

Nobody has explained how Epstein made his money.  He had a lot of it; you don’t buy an island and outfit it, never mind a nice big jet aircraft which is expensive to buy and also very expensive to maintain, fuel and staff without some source of income.

We all know, for example, how Elon Musk got his money.  And Bernie Ebbers.  And Ken Lay.  And any one of myriad other very wealthy people.  Whether ultimately it was discovered they were doing foul things or not the fact is that it was trivially easy to know exactly how they made their money, in the main.

Except for Epstein.

Therefore, by simple deduction, Epstein got his money because someone, or a group, were paying him and had the means to hide it from ordinary, routine surveillance that “outs” everyone else.

That in turn means one or more governments were doing it and none of them who had actual knowledge were adversarial to the others.

How do we know this?

Because it would have been to the adversary’s tremendous advantage, and a nation-state is immune to “mere arrest” for some trumped-up offense, to blow the lid off of it had that been the case.

Therefore it wasn’t.

Since the activities took place in and around the United States it is also therefore clear that one of the funding conduits was one or more agencies of and in the United States.  There may be others but our government was one of them.

That is conclusive.

What is also conclusive is that all of the 535 members of Congress know this and none of them have done anything about it.

That includes your Congressperson and both of your Senators, in each and every case.

To restate just in case your IQ is smaller than your shoe size: One or more of our agencies suborned and used the sexual abuse of underage girls, along with the sexual coercion of women who had reached the age of consentfor reasons we do not have knowledge of but which can be reasonably believed to be underhanded, illegal or likely both.  Such acts are criminal felonies even if the government performs them; there is no immunity for a US Government agency or instrumentality to fund activity leading to the rape of children.

This clearly did occur.

Whatever other gripes you may have with our government we, the people, clearly are willing to permit this to stand.

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  1. Epstein is funded by Israel and global Zionism. Epstein is the Maxwells. Robert Maxwell was a triple spy for the British, Russia, and the Zionists/Israel. He’s celebrated as a founding father of Israel. He’s not celebrated in Britain or the U.S. So he was he ultimately working for?


    Comment by viktor griner | May 25, 2023 | Reply

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