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Who’s Afraid of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | The Passionate Attachment | April 1, 2010

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
– Queen Gertrude, Hamlet.

Whenever someone insists too strongly about something not being true, we tend to suspect that maybe it is. In their denials of involvement in 9/11, do Israel’s apologists “protest too much”?

While it would take a small book to adequately document the Israeli connection to 9/11-as editor Justin Raimondo has attempted in The Terror Enigma-let us briefly recall some of the more intriguing facts as reported in the mainstream media, involving dancing Israelis, Odigo warnings, and Zim’s timely move.

The story of the five Israelis who were seen celebrating and filming as the Twin Towers burned and collapsed was investigated by Neil Mackay in Scotland’s Sunday Herald. The so-called “dancing Israelis” worked for Urban Moving Systems, later deemed to be a Mossad front by the FBI. Despite failing numerous polygraph tests, the young men were deported to Israel two months later. Back home, several of the men appeared on a TV chat show, in which one of them amazingly said, “Our purpose was to document the event.”

Two employees of Odigo, an Israeli instant messaging service, received messages two hours before the World Trade Center attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, Ha’aretz reported.

Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co., part-owned by the Israeli government, moved their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia one week before the 9/11 attacks, incurring a $50,000 fine for breaking its lease, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Despite being in the public domain, none of these relevant facts are mentioned in the 9/11 Commission’s 567-page report.

Moreover, Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, is concerned about the spread of such inconvenient facts to the wider public. “Our worry,” he says, “is when things become infectious…. [then] this stuff can be deeply corrosive to public understanding. You can get where the bacteria can sicken the larger body.”

But was Zelikow speaking here as an American government official or as a pro-Israeli insider?

In the same month that he authored the so-called “Bush Doctrine” of preemptive war, which provided the justification for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Zelikow made this candid admission: “Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990-it’s the threat against Israel.”

Yet, instead of investigating the Israeli connection, Zelikow used the 9/11 Commission to sell the Israeli-inspired Iraq war to the American people.

Zelikow’s “bacteria” quote is cited in a 2008 paper entitled “Conspiracy Theories.” Co-authored by Cass Sunstein, who currently heads President Obama’s White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the main focus of the paper “involves conspiracy theories relating to terrorism, especially theories that arise from and post-date the 9/11 attacks.”

Rather than attempting to debunk such theories, Sunstein and Vermeule claim that those who suspect Israeli involvement in 9/11 suffer from a “crippled epistemology.” This, the authors argue, is due to “a sharply limited number of (relevant) informational sources.” In other words, “they know very few things, and what they know is wrong.”

To counter these suspicions, Sunstein recommends “cognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents, or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of those who subscribe to such theories. They do so by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity.”

It could, of course, be argued that Sunstein’s work also suffers from a crippled epistemology-his research relies heavily on pro-Israeli sources, most notably the notorious Islamophobe Daniel Pipes.

Pipes is a bit of an expert on conspiracy theories, having written two books on the subject. “Conspiracism provides a key to understanding the political culture of the Middle East,” Pipes opines in The Hidden Hand: Middle East Fears of Conspiracy. “It helps explain much of what would otherwise seem illogical or implausible, including the region’s record of political extremism and volatility, its culture of violence, and its poor record of modernization.”

Like Sunstein, Pipes is concerned that many in the region suspect Israeli involvement in 9/11. “The implications in the Middle East are quite profound,” Pipes told the LA-based Jewish Journal. “It’s one more brick in the edifice of fear and loathing of Israel and the Jews.”

In the absence of a proper 9/11 investigation, there remains a broad range of opinion about the precise nature of Israeli complicity. In The Terror Enigma, Justin Raimondo tentatively concludes that the Israeli connection to 9/11 amounts to “foreknowledge and passive collaboration with Bin Laden’s jihad.” Other experts, such as Alan Sabrosky, are less circumspect. Dr. Sabrosky, former director of studies of the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College, has recently stated that “it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.”

Either way, it’s hardly surprising that some of the most obsessive critics of 9/11 “conspiracy theories” have ties to Israel. If Americans ever find out that their “staunchest ally” had anything to do with the mass murder of their fellow citizens on September 11, 2001, the would-be conspiracy debunkers have good reason to be afraid.

Maidhc Ó Cathail is a widely published writer based in Japan.

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  1. Cass Sunstein, and co-conspirator Dov Zackheim, Dan Pipes, Zelikow, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a whole host of U.S. Military scum who participated in the LARGEST SINGLE ACT OF HIGH TREASON SINCE THE FALSE FLAG ATTACK on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

    and yeah, throw in the scum at AL-CIA-DA who are, in fact, the U.S. branch of the MOSSAD, and the proof of that is so manifold and deep that it goes back to George H.W. Bush’s role in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on Sept 22, 1963, for the Israeli MOSSAD service.

    gentlemen, a whole lot of gallows poles wait for you, and you do know that, don’t you?? Don’t you??

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    Comment by THE PERPS IN THE PICTURE SURE ARE, AREN'T THEY??? | April 2, 2010

  2. If you really want to know what happened start with that ugly, wizened dwarf, Larry Silverstein who bought the WTC from another Jew just six weeks earlier. The ink not dry on his $7 Billion Insurance Policies and KAAEFFINGBOOOM! And now (lucky) Larry and his murderous shyster confederates are dancing around the Golden Calf as they count the Insurance money.

    Such a deal!

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    Comment by Floda | April 2, 2010

  3. More prior knowledge….

    Here is some interesting new research about the options trading associated with 9-11. The significance
    of this is that the trading in the airline options is discounted because it was said that some newsletter
    was talking about the airlines business and recommended selling. Possible. But now this new study
    indicates that there was also trading on the stocks of the insurers of the WTC buildings. It is not
    possible to use the newsletter explanation to cover both of these events, the airlines and the insurers.

    Therefore, since the 9-11 Commission has already stated that terrorists or people connected to
    terrorists did not do the trading, it implies that someone else had clear knowledge of what was
    to happen and thus the assumed terrorists accused of the crime are not in fact the perpetrators.

    The original scholarly paper was by Allen M. Poteshman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    “Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001”

    This paper concludes with the following.

    “Consequently, the paper concludes that there is evidence of
    unusual option market activity in the days leading up to September 11 that
    is consistent with investors trading on advance knowledge of the attacks.”

    Now, in just the last few months, a new paper has come out which references and confirms the original paper.

    “Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets”,
    Marc Chesney Remo Crameri Loriano Mancini

    Click to access publ_2098.pdf


    Comment by adam | April 2, 2010

  4. Pipes looks like a Krauthammer’s slightly better looking but no less evil brother.


    Comment by The_Skeptical_Cynic | April 2, 2010

  5. Last week it was revealed that on Sept 11 2001 at 3 PM a Israel planme loaded with passengers was allowed to leave JFK airport. Also,Larry Silverstein authorized a whole WTC2 floor for the sole use of 100s of Israel art students .
    Great post!


    Comment by jojo | April 2, 2010

  6. Why do I feel sick when I read this stuff? I think it’s because it rings true all the way through my guts. I feel a hopelessness because the disease is so far advanced in the machinery of our government. I feel my country is deceased. Everyone around me is asleep and unaware; except on the Internet, places like here, WRH, and ICH; our numbers don’t seem to be enough to save our nation.


    Comment by sam | April 2, 2010

  7. First, to JoJo who feels hopeless about this: There is hope, and the reason I say that, is that the government bullshit story is disintegrating to the degree that Sunstein and these other scum who are co-conspirators in this mass murder of fellow citizens, knows that the population is slowly waking up. I saw Zelikow on an interview recently, the only thing the son of a bitch didn’t do was shit peach pits, he was so obviously afraid of being outed as one who planned the thing from the beginning. Same goes for these generals in the miitary who took part in the aftermath illegal spying and other crimes against all of us, which, do, in-fact constitute TREASON because they have so aggregiously undermined the national security of the United States because of their fealty to Israel.

    Last time I checked, the ‘real’ numbers of those who have now come around to the real TRUTH about 9/11, is somewhere around 65 or 70 percent of 300 million of us. Five years ago, it was a scant twenty percent at best. So, the truth is getting out there.

    The bad side is these CORNERED RATS are very very afraid, and they are entirely likely to upstage what they did on Sept. 11th., 2001, as a method of taking the nation fully into a DECLARED ‘martial law’ situation, because, in fact, we’ve been living in the ‘martial law’ since Sept. 14, 2001, and nobody understood that is, in fact the truth, except a few of us who have read the ’emergency’ E.O. that Bush signed that day.

    So, there is hope. We can prosecute them. Most likely, it will have to be done in the I.C.C. in the Hague, not here, but that is a good start. We must push for that every single day, and get more people to “wake up” and smell the HIGH TREASON of these dual passport holding son’s of bitches who have fully infiltrated our government.

    Press on, and do not GIVE UP THE SHIP!


    Comment by TAKE HEART, THEY ARE CORNERED RATS! | April 2, 2010

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  9. Sons and Daughters of the Revolution-A Call to Action

    County Prosecutors at the County/State level should empanel Grand Juries to file indictments against these real perps of 911. There is sufficient evidence for this to happen and it would also reaffirm the Rights of State and County governments to reassert Jurisdiction…
    The Federal Level has been blackmailed/bribed into submission and inaction. The rabbit hole does not go down to the County/State level. They do not have that depth…Any County Prosecutor who had a citizen of that county die on 911 has a cause of action…We are talking about Counties in New England, the Mid Atlantic states and all over the US and elsewhere…
    Get to work now…Contact your County Prosecutor…It is time to take your Country back…When they have tens of dozens of indictments coming at them from all directions they will do more than just shit pits…Think Bee Swarms…
    Strength in numbers…Failure to act on the part of the Prosecutor is a Felony…


    Comment by George Washington | April 2, 2010

  10. What about recent declarations by Alan Sabrosky? adn follow up.

    Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad. You can email Dr. Alan Sabrosky at: docbrosk@comcast.


    Comment by M o s s a d did 9 / 11 | April 3, 2010

  11. all these years and slowly the cop webs come off the eyes .

    even on the very day that three bldge fell with just two airplanes at free fall speed ,, duh,, a 4 year old can see that this is impossible ,

    having stacked blocks in the sand box. it takes three kicks , double dah


    Comment by linda | April 3, 2010

  12. The suggestion that “conspiracy” theories are the domain of nutcases has been dead on arrival for a long time. Carroll Quigley (a man who educated the elite at Georgetown University and elsewhere) in his book (1996?) TRAGEDY AND HOPE made it clear that there is a grand conspiracy that controls the Western World at least and it is made up of European bankers and most of them are Jewish.
    That explains why Henry Ford had to buy diamonds from European cartels while an excellent diamond mine in Arkansas was capped by making it into a park so Ford had no access to affordable diamonds for his cutting machines used in the war effort. ANYONE WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN CONSPIRACIES DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HISTORY.

    Citing Carroll Quigley has stopped every shill and moron I know dead in their tracks in arguments with me. Perhaps people who don’t believe in conspiracies ate their “tin hats” which are actually aluminum —- aluminum is associated with the brain disorder sometimes referred to as Oldtimers disease!!!!


    Comment by ASHTON CARROLL | April 3, 2010

  13. To Maidhc Ó Cathail –

    This piece is quite intriguing. I’ve been trying to find out if it’s true that many Jewish individuals working in the WTC buildings took the day off on 9/11/2001, and your article provided info I was unaware of.

    At the bottom, it mentions that you are “based in Japan.” I also live in Japan (Chiba Prefecture), and am very interested in 9/11. My mother was on a plane out of NYC that very morning, and my brother went to work in New York, so it’s quite personal for me.

    Please contact me if you’re not too busy. I think we could exchange views which would be mutually beneficial. Thank you.

    Ray Hrycko (an American, at least right now)


    Comment by Ray Hrycko | April 3, 2010

  14. Many people find these facts upsetting precisely because we do NOT want to spread anti-Semitic feelings. However, I will always choose to know the truth, no matter how much I wish it were not so. All I can do is urge everyone to blame responsible Israeli government officials, not the Jewish people. When we say “Jews are very powerful” we should remember that we are talking about dozens or hundreds of men. Millions of Jews have no more power than we do.


    Comment by Richard | April 3, 2010

  15. Unfortunately for some jews, who had nothing to do with what happened or was carried out by their homeland’s government in Israel, they will no doubt pay a very heavy price once it’s generally known in the population as a whole that yes indeed ZIONISTS / MOSSAD AGENTS and DUAL PASSPORT INFILTRATORS from Israel actually were the ones who did this to the U.S., as they did when they bombed, strafed and torpedo’d the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 and killed more than a hundred american sailors. This is not the first time MOSSAD / ISRAEL has been caught with it’s ‘hydra’ in someone else’s pants, murdering people in ‘false flag’ ops. The most recent attack in BALI turned out to be another MOSSAD false flag op, and the list just keeps on growing.

    Till every single american jew denounces Israel, and denounces what Israel has done, it’s going to be a very rough row to hoe for jews in the U.S. very soon.

    It’ll be unfair. And it’ll be unjust, but people are waking up, and unfortunately, the retribution will be both terrible, and widespread, and non-discriminatory in nature, and jews will either have one of two choices. Stay here and weather the storm, or go back to Israel (if it still exists) and live your lives out there.

    What the Israeli / MOSSAD / ADL-SPLC mossad scum have done to this nation is so banal and so horrible, it will take a couple of generations for people to forget what Israel has done to this country, with billions of taxpayers dollars given to it by it’s citizens.

    Being murdered is bad enough, but financing the very assholes who are killing you, is adding a whole lot of ‘insult to injury’ and it has to end.


    it’s all got roots leading back to the ROTHSCHILDS BANKING CARTEL, and it MUST BE ENDED!



  16. Folks—just remember, when you go to church, better not say the word, “Easter”, you might get called an “Anti-Semite !!


    Comment by Pitchfork | April 3, 2010

  17. One thing people need to realize, that back in 1948 when the Palestinians got totally buttfucked by Britain (see BALFOUR AGMT.) and the snake of Israel was created, and I do mean, ‘snake’, you can see that the family that holds approximately ONE HALF OR 500 TRILLION PLUS IN DOLLARS HOLDINGS GLOBALLY, is behind almost every single war financing, and campaign to profit off human suffering and human misery. When you see the word FED, you must also see ROTHSCHILDS, because they are, in fact, the key holders of the FED BANKS, and in 1913, we in the U.S. were enslaved to them by our own bought and sold out CONGRESS, when that law was enacted, forever enslaving America to the ROTHSCHILDS.

    Only one lone voice spoke out against this enslavement. His name was McFADDEN, and you can find his floor speech, and read it, anywhere online. I urge you all to look up the BALFOUR AGREEMENT, and McFadden, and you truly need to take a good hard look at the people who enslave you, who once were known as BAUER, but now are ROTHSCHILDS.

    We are talking about an entire U.S. Federal Government, infiltrated by Chertoff’s, and Zelikow’s, and Sunsteins, and every single one of them is an ISRAELI AGENT, and most are DUAL PASSPORT HOLDING, treasonous, murdering SPIES.

    They need to be gone. And they need to go now, and take their goddamned FEDERAL RESERVE SLAVERY with them!



  18. The more information that has been released since 9-11…. The more Israel is directly implicated in being involved in this crime.

    The most recent evidence has come from a former Russian Nuclear Intelligence officer: Dimitri Khalezov. *(Youtube user name 911thology)

    The connections of Israel to 9-11 can no longer be denied by no matter HOW MANY US Govt reports to the contrary.


    Comment by Steve Johnson | April 3, 2010

  19. Almost 10 years have past. Obama’s take on 911–you tube check it out.

    This idiot still beLIEves arabs did the 911 attacks and a threaten tune– no luck having a fair 911 investigation with this dink as President


    Comment by jojo | April 3, 2010

  20. Mister oBOMBya is an israeli stooge in drag, with the hand of his chief of staff up his butt making his lips move. he dare not admit the guvmint and the mossad did it, or he’d be ‘lights out’ by a ‘magic bullet’ fired by an al-cia-da or mossad (same difference) agent, blamed on some patsy decried by the ADL or SPLC branch of the mossad.

    so he dare not speak any truth about 9/11, lest his lips stop moving, post mortem.


    Comment by oBOMBya is an ISRAELI PUPPET | April 3, 2010

  21. Just one comment of interest–Justin Ramondo is Jewish,he did write about the 911 attack back in 2001-2002 but after his book,someone got to him.He has become silent on the 911 issue. Most Jews know that their clan/Cult members pulled off the attacks and are covering up the dirty deed. You ask Why?–very simple,If the Jews were exposed as the real terrorists,there wouldn’t be enough lamp posts in America to hang all of them.
    Search this 50 minute Google video-50+ minutes of great importance-Called “Spin” by Brian Springer. One of the most important films of the last 25 years
    Fact is Media/Government is all Jewish controlled–forget about ever(in our time), that our Kosher government will expose the truth of 911 Jewish Terror.
    Let’s admit it,most Americans are dumb.Media carried the spin that Arabs did it and folks lapped it up and allowed two invassions and over 1 million dead.


    Comment by Rabid P'israel | April 4, 2010

  22. Danger Danger–Virus on site link from ” Steve Johnson said on Who’s Afraid of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?”
    April 2, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Check this U-tube video–shows what Patriot Act is all about


    Comment by jojoos | April 4, 2010

  23. Well, look at Noam Chomsky, and Amy Goodman, Justin Raimondo has a lot of company in his gate keeping chore, I’m afraid. Same goes for a whole lot of jewish celebrities, they know that their clan did this mass murdering, and they also know about the backlash that will come down on all of them, whether they participated in it or not, because of their ‘vociferous, almost maniacal covering up of it’ to the world.

    But you can’t blame all jews for this garbage. It’s not tht simple. There are so very many people of the jewish faith who are NOT aligned with Israel, or ZIONISM, and who don’t like the organ harvesting rabbi’s, or the IDF killing children to harvest organs from them, or the Bernie Madoff’s and his ilk. Many are good people just trying to live their lives, and a good number of them actually protest and get off their couches (which is something a great deal of so called patriotic american’s would never do in a million years, get off their fat ignorant ass!) and carry protest signs both in Israel and in New York, and other places. A younger generation of Israeli citizen is less likely to be the tool of the IDF any longer, and they protest the mandatory conscription and service in the IDF for that reason. They don’t like what is going on in Gaza, or in Israel as a whole.

    the ones that need to be dangling off the lampost’s here are the Zelikow’s and the Wolfowitz’s and the Pipes, and the Zackheims, as well as this asshole who Obombya wants to name to the SCOTUS, this Cass Sunstein nazi son of a bitch.

    and right next to them, need to be the Richard C. Myers, and the George W. Bush’s, and the Richard B. Cheney’s, and the David Addington’s, and the Stephen Cambone’s, and every swinging dick in the last murderous and illegitimate SCOTUS installed mis-administration that had any knowledge of the plot beforehand, and after the fact, and COVERED IT UP.

    In my professional opinion, those in the F.B.I. and so called JUSTICE DEPT, they too should hang for their TREASON.

    We have a whole lot of gallows to build, and a whole lot of trials to conduct before they swing in the wind, however!



  24. It’s nauseating that members of Congress are delighted to farm out our foreign policy to Likud, just as they’re eager to let Wall Street run our monetary policy


    Comment by horacemanoor | April 5, 2010

  25. oh, you forget how ‘friendly’ the Likud / Israeli Govt. is. They sent about 132 american sailors ‘hey friend’ messages while they were on the U.S.S. Liberty, and they sent more than 3,000 American’s ‘hey, let’s PARTY’ messages in the form of THERMITE CONTROLLED DEMOLITION CHARGES in the WTC towers 1 and 2, as well as WTC-7, which collapsed later that day, hours after not being hit by anything at all..

    Yep, that moving company that the U.S. Treasury issued a government cheque to for about 500k bucks, for their ‘thankfulness’ in what they did in prepping those buildings in New York before the big ‘thank you U.S.A. party’ happened on Sept. 11, 2001, should be enough proof of how absolutely chummy those friendly, humane folks in Israel’s MOSSAD and LIKUD GOVERNMENT are.

    they signed all their ‘friendship’ gifts; “COURTESY OF THE ROTHSCHILDS BANKING CARTEL, aka the FED”, and they took it one step further with their overwhelming LOVE for the people in the Gaza strip, they signed those ‘thank’ you packages (yellow that look like bomblets, but they’re not), with this sweet, loving message:

    kisses, Bibi Netanyahu, and Tzippi Livni, and Ehud Barak


    Comment by BUT JIZZRAEL IS OUR FIEND, I MEAN FRIEND ::) | April 5, 2010

    • Remember on Sept 10 2001 Rummesfeld was on CNN/FOX informing the government that the USA military could not account for $2.225 trillion dollars missing from their spent accounts.The $500k is a spit in the bucket for
      }}}sreal. Missing money? Bullsh!t
      Did you know that in the past two years billions upon billion$ of military USA stock piles has been sent/stored into }sreal—get this– pretense for future use for America. }}} Sreal is the 4th largest supplier of weapons to the world. Are Americans this fuck
      in stupid? Stupid is always spelt with a U and I.
      What are we waiting for? Prior to WWI WWII, theUSA/Canada/UK/France economy was tanked in purpose to get folks to join the military.
      Wake up fools


      Comment by jojoos | April 6, 2010

  26. Helen Keller could see that we have a major problem of foreigners with a foreign allegiance masquerading as Americans directing and working closely inside our institutions to the benefit of Israel.
    We Americans(the Americans who put the US first) will never get a grip on this problem as long as the non-Jewish members of the media are too intimidated to disclose and examine this issue.
    If we as a people are so weak,so pathetic and so shy of this topic,then we deserve to become the bank,military and bully for Israel expansion until it collapses our once great nation.


    Comment by Dave | April 6, 2010

    • Dave–in Canada as/in USA,all the major media is jewish owned and/or controlled. If you dig deep,all the middle-east reporters are Jewish.If one spoke out– sent out on dogs at large assignments or MOSSAD steps in and planned accidents happen. Notice most hollywood actors are Jewish and so are most government high positions ect. O’Bama like every President appoints Jews for the middle-east. Try gettin hired for an Ambassador position–lot’s of luck if you are not whoish.
      “I recall one quote from Nixon’s taped conversations-
      I’m surrounded by sooo many FKN Jews”
      Odd part, he added lot additional Jews to the }sreal cult and what did Jr. Bush do–he hired the same pieces of koshershit ,who brought you Sept 11 attacks. Not to be outbid, O’Boner has a packed house of Jews. Some hide behand the CatOlick religion–Check out Hillary Rodenhurst–Bitch Witch of the East is a Jew and so is Pelosi.There is talk that Obama’s mother is a Crypto Jew.
      So,never be an investigation on 911 because they know }]]]sreal did it. Sad part is that Clinton’s regime was envolved.
      Did you catch that Utube video with Clinton and Bush in Haiti,every time Bush hand shaked a negro’s hand he then cleaned has hand on Billy’s shirt. Why is this important,because Bush Turd has the 911 goods on the democratic party. Too many FKN ashkenazi jews in Government and they only hire their own. do you ever hear of native americans in high positions? Nope!


      Comment by jojoos | April 6, 2010

  27. The problem is that the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are ROTSHCHILDS front organizations, as are SPLC and ADL, who are on a much lesser powerful scale. Virtually every aspect of our government is corrupted by a dual passport holding ZIONIST jew, and unfortunately for all of us who were stupid enough to think our votes counted all these years, we were sold down the river by a government owned and operated out of Tel Aviv.

    If an american president dare speak out in public against Israhell, then he either suffers a ‘magic bullet’ or gets discredited somehow or another and tossed to the curb for his foolishness.

    All roads lead to Rotschildslandia as Les Visible calls it, and that is ISRAHELL.

    till every single dual passport holder is bodily removed from this government, and every single congressman and woman is forbidden to take money from the AIPAC lobby, and as long as CIA operates it’s MOSSAD operation on U.S. soil at Langley, VA, every single man, woman, and child is in very high peril at the hands of the FED/ROTHSCHILDS who will sell them unto perpetual enslavement, and spend them on the battlefield as ‘cannon fodder’ for the illegitimate, bogus entity known as ISRAEL.


    Comment by NIXON WAS IN THAT RESPECT VERY RIGHT | April 6, 2010


    This is a link to FUCKING TRAITOR Philip Zelikow’s paper he co-authored while at Harvard 3 years before 9/11:

    Readers should imagine the possibilities for themselves, because the most serious constraint on current policy [nonaggression] is lack of imagination. An act of catastrophic terrorism that killed thousands or tens of thousands of people and/or disrupted the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, would be a watershed event in America’s history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented for peacetime and undermine Americans’ fundamental sense of security within their own borders in a manner akin to the 1949 Soviet atomic bomb test, or perhaps even worse. Constitutional liberties would be challenged as the United States sought to protect itself from further attacks by pressing against allowable limits in surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and the use of deadly force. More violence would follow, either as other terrorists seek to imitate this great “success” or as the United States strikes out at THOSE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE. Like Pearl Harbor, such an event would divide our past and future into a “before” and “after.” The effort and resources we devote to averting or containing this threat now, in the “before” period, will seem woeful, even pathetic, when compared to what will happen “after.” Our leaders will be judged negligent for not addressing catastrophic terrorism more urgently.

    ….and this is the person America entrusted to head the 9/11 commission? Someone bold enough to publish his traitorous daydreams of domestic terror attacks, loss of freedoms and civil liberties, and the use of these atrocities to foment war against:


    If we can get people to see that the guy who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report got his Ph.D. in PUBLIC MYTHS and actually had his hand in scripting the 9/11 event itself in 1998, they might be more receptive to the idea that the official story of 9/11 should be revisited…and that this piece of shit excuse for a human being and every one like him needs an immediate free pass to meet GOD.


    Comment by "IMAGINING THE TRANSFORMATIVE EVENT" | June 26, 2010

  29. DOV ZAKHEIM. This is who should be investigated first for 9/11 involvement. This article is ok but the fact that you leave him out is indefensible. Not to mention Silverstein.


    Comment by Chris | September 3, 2010

  30. Just to remember people here in these forums. Mr. Sabrosky still has his Polish Ashkenazim last name. Always engage caution when an Ashkenazi claims to be Anti-Zionist. Most of the time it’s just fake opposition. Be very careful always and never trust and Ashkenazim no matter what. Visit:

    The webmaster there feels the same way as I concerning these people. If they can actually be called that.


    Comment by The Observer | May 29, 2011

  31. So, if the military KNOWS Israel did 9/11, why are we still fighting the wars for Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan? Obviously, they don’t know or they would put a stop to it. So which is it? Are they traitors(greed) or just stupid?


    Comment by BigQuestion | May 31, 2011

    • Putting your question into context, one assumes that many in the military knew that the USS Maine was not shelled but rather suffered an internal explosion before sinking in Havana harbor. Many must have also known that the attack on Pearl Harbor was both provoked and expected. Ditto regarding the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin “incident” as well as the attack on and attempted sinking of the USS Liberty.

      You end your question offering two alternative explanations, each would apply to certain members of the military, obviously more fall into the second category.


      Comment by aletho | May 31, 2011

      • immediately after 9/11 took place, a large number of active duty flag rank officers, with an almost equal number of reserve or retired former flag rank officers met in Virginia, to discuss what was going on. at the meeting, the overwhelming nod went to ISRAEL and MOSSAD, well before anyone knew of Building 7’s collapse at 5:23 p.m. that day, by controlled demolition, under Silverstein’s admittance that it was indeed ‘pulled’ and not done by any aircraft parts causing it to be structurally able to free fall like the other ‘2’ buildings.

        I would have to say that the working level enlisted were kept woefully ignorant of what their superiors knew, on purpose, to prevent massive numbers of fraggings and other acts of rebellion in theatre in Afghanistan and Iraq, after that.

        military are more or less forbidden to talk politics UNLESS it is in support of more war, then it’s perfectly fine…so per BigQuestion’s wish for an answer, on the higher levels, all of the officers at flag level rank knew ISRAEL did it, almost immediately. and today, my best guess is like the american sheeple, the number in the enlisted ranks who know it was an INSIDE JOB as we tritely point out, is probably hovering around 75 percent or so, with the typical 25 percent stragglers in DE NILE strictly because they are GOP and unable to handle reality.


        Comment by MOST FLAG RANK KNEW IMMEDIATELY | May 31, 2011

    • In keeping with subject here and following in agreement with both previous replies. The reality is that all high ranking military bosses work for these funny nose psychopaths. Remember they sent, besides US soldiers also unaware, other cannon fodder such as Mexican and Hispanics, Cuban, Puerto Ricans, etc., to do the dirty job for them. Unfortunately these young men for the sake of a better living and the so called American Dream, follow orders without questioning their officers. The vast majority don’t really know the truth. Even the small # of soldiers that bail out, still are not aware of who calls the shots in the US Armed forces. These young soldiers think they have many benefits also extended to family members. To me is all the Booze they buy at the PX. Sadly for these men the American Dream becomes the USA Fucking Nightmare.


      Comment by The Observer | May 31, 2011

      • Humanity has a long history of raiding, rape and pillage. Usually, patriotism plays a side role more as a rationale than a motive.


        Comment by aletho | May 31, 2011

        • You’re absolutely right. Reminded me of a famous quote from author Samuel Johnson.

          “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”


          Comment by The Observer | May 31, 2011

  32. Duff, Sabrotsky, Dimitri and VT are disinfo.
    911 was done by Tavistock, CNN, BBC, CFR, CIA, Rand , Mitre, FBI, Rothschild banks, MI6, and obviously mossad. Dimitri, VT, Bollyn, Griffin and anyone promoting planes, hijackers, or even the notion that we were ‘attacked’ is disinfo.
    September Clues is at least on the right track- the one truth is media hoax. If the planes were real they wouldn’t need actors. There will never be 911 ‘truth’
    When Dimitri released his videos last spring he contacted SimonShack and Andrew Johnston (and Dr.Judy Wood) and in spite of his good manners he was brushed off. So VT promotes him, why? Theory: Mossad and Zionists have been designated by the perps to to take the rap. I expect- at least two decades of investigations, trials, appeals, re trials, mistrials, delays, prison suicides, confessions, recants, fake executions, diplomatic immunity, and ultimately fake justice and fake truth.

    ‘clearly 911 was perpetrated by rogue elements within the Mossad’

    EVERYONE agrees that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, except the US military. There is only one country on earth capable of a missile hit on the Pentagon
    -USA. If anyone was allowed to do it, it’s an ‘arms length’ false flag. Either way
    It’s not an attack, it’s the ‘theatre of war’.
    Evidence that mossad is set to take the rap? Harari’s confession.
    Dimitri’s job is to divert attention from direct energy weapons and no plane theory
    -his ‘foreign missile’ theory continues the ‘we were attacked’ myth, necessary to justify US war on terrorism. basically it’s already one world government- NATO, CFR the Committee of 300, etc. If America was not attacked (it attacked itself), and it’s all a media
    Hoax, the legal liabilities are massive because all these wars are ILLEGAL.

    It’s also a massive financial fraud involving very large payouts to participants.


    Comment by boycott kosher | May 31, 2011

    • the missile that hit the Pentagon was an AGM-65J Maverick, fired from an MQ4A Global Hawk just before it impacted the building. Internal explosions went off in the building 6 minutes BEFORE the missile impacted the outer wall. No DEW or MICRONUKES were used, and all aircraft flown into the Twin Towers were drones with not a single soul on board them.

      this is what is known. MOSSAD didn’t take any rap, they were IN ON IT IN THE DRIVERS SEAT. The U.S. military was also involved, but only in a command and control coordination role using the ‘2’ E-4B Looking Glass aircraft circling Arlington, V.A. and New York City that day. to the rest of the uninformed in the military who were unwitting participants, they were involved in an ‘excercise’ that went ‘live’ and that’s pretty much it.



      • correction: RQ4A ‘global hawk’

        a piece of it’s port vertical stabilizer was found by in a vehicle after that piece was picked up and tossed into the air, landing in her car thru the sunroof, at the Sheraton Doubletree, and that’s verified by video footage…showing the piece landing in the parking lot, the guard walking over, picking it up, and then the woman later finds it in her car at her home after she left. the part is NOT part of a B-757!


        Comment by PENTAGON ATTACK MISSILE WAS AN AGM-65J MAVERICK | May 31, 2011

  33. Notice–not one politician questions if Arabs truly did the 911 attacks and worse they ignore you.
    I bought a recent property on the Canadian side Lake Erie. The neighbour is a An american Lawyer from Vermount.I asked him how was the econemy in the USA–he stated–” It’s been really bad since those Arabs did 911 attacks. I put him to a Question” How was your Physic mark in grade School?
    He really give me a dumb childish look. Not too good he said. 2nd question; 3 high rise towers drop in less than 8 seconds,most concrete turn into dust and drop into their foot prints— How could Arabs have defied gravity? 3rd–Who was the sole security contractor? He did not know.Once I told him it was Marvin Bush–end of conversation–I got a an angry American–That hates my guts.
    Are Americans that FKN stupid or they love to blame other religions to plunder and loot other nations? Why is it, I have made many enemies over this-obvious USrael pirating operation :^/.
    Note: did you know that in the old days Sea pirating operations were actually contracted and funded/ done by English Navy againist Spain :^(


    Comment by George A from Toronto | May 31, 2011

    • americans are that fucking stupid. too many years of fluoridation in the water supply, and way too many psychotropic drugs eaten like candy, dispensed to them like candy..for their higher reasoning skills to have survived it.

      some of us spent years out of that in places that did neither of those things.

      and we retained our intellect. but American’s are dumber than sacks of doorknobs and incapable of critical thinking of any kind.

      just be glad you aren’t one of them, George…you still have a mind. most of them have something akin to squirming maggots between their earlobes, so getting thru to them is pointless.

      believe me, they’re for the most part, way way way gone upstairs, just exactly like the MSM and the Military Industrial Complex run by zionists, likes them to be. Compliant, Brain Dead, and totally lacking common sense or a sense of humanity. that is all gone.


      Comment by AMERICANS ARE MOSTLY BRAIN DEAD | May 31, 2011

  34. All governments hide facts and all media only gives partial information. So unless you go to each of these countries speak with the people, the officials all the media and every one else involved and get their perspective and see the full story, then please don’t pretend to know what you are talking about.
    Especially with such strong conviction, saying things you, let’s be honest, have only found out about through hearsay. And adding hate and feelings of legitimacy to your arguments by bringing your own biases into the picture.
    If you criticize the media and the government, take a second to look at yourselves and how and where you get YOUR information and try to understand that none of you will most likely ever know what the truth is. Every country is filled with innocent and very dangerous ill-meaning individuals, the United States is just as much a part of that, so try to find beautiful things to talk about and concentrate your energy on.
    It will only help you move forward and by thinking positively you will bring about more immediate change in your surroundings than speaking from hate and suspicion ever will.
    I hope you all have a beautiful life and stay positive.

    Happiness takes practice.


    Comment by Polyna Funkle (@WorryforCanada) | September 4, 2011

    • Don’t worry, be happy. Eh?

      Whatever. … Keep practicing.

      I for one choose to broaden my knowledge rather than choose willful ignorance.

      Hate? I think those that demand that we not speak of, or hear of, their crimes are the ones who have hate.


      Comment by aletho | September 4, 2011

  35. I have tried researching conspiracy theories in other nations, but most of the time nothing comes up in my searches. If I do so happen as to stumble upon something, it reroutes to the US. Even most of the well know conspiracy theorists are have their theories based on the US. Alex Jones and David Icke, to name a couple, have all of their theories based on the US government. Whatever they say about the government that comes from another country usually serves to supplement their theories. Things like the European Union being an attempt at one world government are said without any supportive evidence.
    If there are other conspiracy theories, then how come there are not any videos or documents of foreign people criticizing their governments or getting mad?

    Is there really anything to be afraid of? Are we going mad or has the rest of the world not opened their eyes yet?


    Comment by Norma England | January 20, 2012

    • Norma,

      I thought that David Icke was British. Also Paul Joseph Watson who writes for Prison Planet.

      I believe that Kurt Nimo is Canadian.

      You make a good point though. 9/11 is not simply an American issue. Not by a long shot.


      Comment by aletho | January 20, 2012

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