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Israel Escalating Terror in Turkey?

By Sinan | Aletho News | June 22, 2010

On the 31st of May early in the morning, almost simultaneous with the Mavi Marmara attack, a navy logistics base in Iskenderun (SE Turkey) was also attacked by the PKK. Unfortunately 7 soldiers were killed in the attack.

This was a very complicated attack and perfect intelligence was needed to attack such a big base. This attack exceeds the capabilities of the PKK. Only specially trained units can execute such an operation.

The timing of such an attack raised many questions about a possible link between the PKK and Israel. Also, it is a widely known fact that the Israeli army has trained Kurdish terrorists since 2003.

There is an article by Seymour Hersh written in 2004 in the New Yorker describing Israelis training Kurdish forces for use in Iran and Syria for information gathering, sabotage and destabilization operations. Of course these terrorists would also be used in Turkey.

Hersh also wrote that the Israeli Mistaravim teams were training those terrorists. Mistaravim teams are one of the most secretive groups of the Israeli army. Mistaravim is the plural of “mista’arev”, the Hebrew slang for “being an Arab”.

These soldiers are trained to “be an Arab” and go into the occupied territories to capture (or kill) a wanted person. These are also commonly known as the ‘Arab Platoons’.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

This attack in Iskenderun was to distract the Turkish military’s attention from Mavi Marmara. Also this naval base was the nearest base to the incident. The same thoughts were addressed by high ranking officials and ministers in Turkey.  Military commanders believe there was a connection.

Were Kurdish Mistaravim teams in action in Iskenderun? Probably YES!

Looking at some high profile terrorist attacks in big cities in the last few months you can see the fingerprints of highly specialized terrorist teams in Turkey.

The latest row with Israel, and saying “no” in the UN to Iran sanctions increases the risk of an terror wave in Turkey. Clashes with PKK terrorists have increased on a daily basis lately. The terrorist threat in large cities is growing.

As  this article is being written we have news of a bombing in Istanbul. Two soldiers and 17 year old daughter of an army officer were killed at the scene, 6 others were injured. The death toll rose to five when two more soldiers died in the hospital.

We should not forget that US and Israel are working together as one in the area. As the whole of Iraq is occupied by US forces, we can assume that the US is also in this game. Through their proxy organization PKK, Israel and the US are playing a very dangerous game. The whole nation knows who the real terrorists are and who is behind these attacks.

Their terror escalation policy is backfiring and uniting the different fractions in Turkey. That’s the only positive aspect.

The message is clear:

Don’t think you can be a major player in the Middle East,

Don’t think you can screw with Israel/US schemes,

Sit still as you have done since WWI,

Open your air space to Israeli planes when attacking Iran,

Obey orders, you are already too big to swallow, don’t think you can get bigger,

If you do not cooperate, a lot of blood will spill.

Shall we surrender to the threats? No and no! We will fight till the end.

We have seen this before many times in history and we know how to deal with it. The real war is not with the PKK terrorists but with the US/Israel, everybody knows that.

The months ahead will be bloody, lot of struggle and fighting is expected. I guess that’s the price we must pay for being in the way and for impeding the incessant acts of aggression and subjugation against our neighbors.

Also by Sinan, June 18, 2010:

Turkey facing the challenge

June 22, 2010 - Posted by | Wars for Israel


  1. “We will fight till the end.” In the meantime, buy the S-300 and S-400 systems from Russia as soon as possible. And. Watch your back in another Israeli occupied country: Georgia.


    Comment by Cold Wind | June 22, 2010

    • We have a PM with a “Courage to Care Award” award given by the ADL in 2004.

      First we must get rid of him, then Georgia and S-300s’. Check the link.


      Comment by Sinan | June 22, 2010

  2. This war has nothing to do with religion but everything to with protecting our country.


    Comment by Sinan | June 22, 2010

  3. so from Samoan that live in Israel and never talk with a person with opinions lake u . honestly , just because i rely want to know!
    what your country will do if one of her solders were taken?!? wail he is sting in the worst conditions ever !!! when even the ICRC is not a lawed to visit him!! at lest the Palestinians prisoners enjoin a better life and conditions then- glead shalit. why no one think that if glead shalit will be beak Israel will have nothing to say- so the iternasnal presser on Israel will be bigger !!


    Comment by glead | June 23, 2010

    • Me thinks it odd that a “Samoan” would have an email address that includes the name “Glead”.

      Is there some special right that we are to allow you for misrepresentation?


      Comment by aletho | June 23, 2010

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  6. I don’t deny that there are some shady characters with grand agendas in the US and Israeli governments, but what is the alternative to agression and subjugation? Can Turkey keep down the jihadists and the petty dictators herself? Bush did his hardest to get Europe and the UN to help in the area but they refused. Meanwhile Russia seems to be playing “monopoly” with the energy sector. What else are we to do?


    Comment by dan | June 24, 2010

    • “What else are we to do?”

      Why trade with Iran of course. That eliminates the Russian “monopoly” right there.


      Comment by aletho | June 24, 2010

    • “but what is the alternative to agression and subjugation?”

      There isn’t. World history is actually a “war history”. It has been and it will be in the future.

      There is no difference between the big powers like USA, Russia, China etc. They all want to conquer.

      If a country shows weakness there is always an agressor to profit from this weakness.

      The only solution for a nation is have a strong economy, have a good military and sit tight.


      Comment by Sinan | June 25, 2010

  7. I think the PM of Turkey is doing a huge mistake.
    People are going to remember him getting closer to Iran and further away from the west (Israel included).
    The people of Israel and the people of Turkey always had such a good relationship and it’s a shame that Erdoğan is happily destroying good faith for his narrow interests.


    Comment by Andrea Levin | July 27, 2010

    • Ms. Levin,

      One wonders how the pursuit of universal human rights can be dismissed as “narrow interests”.


      Comment by aletho | July 27, 2010

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