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Hazards at Hanford

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

March 13, 2011 - Posted by | Militarism, Nuclear Power, Timeless or most popular, Video

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  1. What is totally disgusting about this article is that MONEY is, as usual, the only reason this shit goes on,,,,, and onnnnnnn and onnnnnn … it makes me sick.. but humour me, for one moment and then I will shut up, as so many want me to do… I asked a neighbor, who mocks me, and I healed him, NOT once, for cancerous bowels, but TWICE, for diabetes….who KNOWS me, to take me to the river… we took a jar, and took some water from the COLUMBIA river… the majestic Columbia river.. a river that should run clean and pure. I took the jar of water to my home and tested it. It was foul with all the deadly chemicals.. and 3 days later, it was made clean, by Quantum Phyiscs, AKA GOD. It was only temporary.. it was just a test.. they keep pumping the shit in, and I proved that GOD could clean it. And HE DID. Now they can go to hell, it is only short trip away., I need to go to Heaven where it is pure and good. And back to my Beloved GOD who is so mocked here on earth/hell.

    Comment by Joyce | March 13, 2011

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