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The perils of nuclear waste transport

Hanford Watch

Gerry Pollet, Executive Director of Heart of America Northwest, spoke in Eugene, Oregon on March 7, 2011. In this excerpt, he talks about the perils of transporting nuclear waste over Oregon’s highways to Hanford.

March 13, 2011 - Posted by | Militarism, Nuclear Power, Timeless or most popular, Video


  1. I live in the Tri-Cities. Pasco, Kennewick, Richland.. Richland being known for the Nuclear Bomb. I worked at Hanford. It is one of the most wasteful sites in amerika, pretending to ‘clean’ up the radiation. It was such a farce, I had to quit, move on.. the money is good, for most, an ego trip..most PHD’s make $25,000 a MONTH (have you ever met one? Alot of self important fluff.. does nothing useful) nothing is accomplished except for words.. lies.. not long ago, it was published in the local newspaper how billions have been ‘wasted’.. and NOTHING accomplished. After I quit, I was only an intern, going to the local college after my husband died, I became interested in Quantum Physics. I learned to work with frequencies/energies. I had radiation poisoning so bad, my nerves were shattered, my blood stream poisoned. I should have been dead. God had other plans for me. He healed me completely with the Quantum Physics instrument, and I have the ‘gift’ to do the same for others. The U.S. has such enormous stores of natural gas and oil, as well as coal, if it were a God loving planet, as all other worlds are, nuclear plants would not exist. It will be horrific when the rest of the earthquakes, scheduled to happen on earth, destroys them. Radiation will be released worldwide, as has been prophesied. It will be quite the ‘predicament.’

    Comment by Joyce | March 13, 2011

    • JOYCE:
      I appreciate your comments about the scientists even the cracks about careerists..
      Yet,your capitalised reference to quanta instruments,sounds like woo woo tinfoil hat bs.
      Maybe,faith healing worked via placebo effects.
      It’s nonsense,and eliminates you from rational consideration,I assume.

      Comment by RANULF | March 18, 2011

  2. Everyone has an opinion… you might want to ask that young man who was in an article yesterday who lives in Gaza, who was shot in the stomach by israeli thugs. He will be able to tell you firsthand. Hundreds, if not thousands of others would tell you, but you are not open to ‘such things’. I don’t bother with anyone, believers or not.. I do what God tells me to do.. since we are on the edge of total world chaos.. you will certainly find out.. you must have heard of the song: Time alone will tell. Good luck…. son.

    Comment by Joyce | March 18, 2011

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