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David Horowitz’ problem with Norway

David Horowitz recently carried an incendiary article by Joseph Klein in his Front Page magazine, entitled The Quislings of Norway, excerpts below:

“The infamous Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country, must be applauding in his grave…In the latest example of Norwegian collaboration with the enemies of the Jews, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere declared during a press conference this week, alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that “Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations” to seek recognition of an independent Palestinian state.”

“During the Nazi occupation of Norway, nearly all Jews were either deported to death camps or fled to Sweden and beyond. Today, Norway is effectively under the occupation of anti-Semitic leftists and radical Muslims, and appears willing to help enable the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.”

“Norway’s Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen has gone even further and publicly denied the Holocaust. He said that Jews “exaggerated their stories” and “there is no evidence the gas chambers and or mass graves existed.” While the Norwegian political establishment and opinion-maker elite may not have reached that point of lunacy just yet, they do tend to treat Muslims as the victims of Israeli oppression – as if today’s Muslims are filling the shoes of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust and today’s Nazis are the Israelis.”

“Socialist leader Kristin Halvorsen has been leading the boycott Israel campaign. While serving as Norway’s finance minister, she was amongst the demonstrators at an anti-Israel protest, in which a poster read (translated): “The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.” Among the slogans repeatedly shouted at the demonstration was (as translated) “Death to the Jews!”

“Last year, the Norwegian government decided to divest from two Israeli entities working in the West Bank. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund divested from the Israeli company Elbit, because it has worked on the Israeli security fence that keeps out Palestinian suicide bombers. Israel has also been blocked from bidding for Norwegian defense contracts.”

“Part of the motivation for this anti-Semitism is the influx into Norway in recent decades of masses of Muslims from Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere. Multiculturalism has taught Norway’s cultural elite to take an uncritical, even obsequious, posture toward every aspect of Muslim culture and belief. When Muslim leaders rant against Israel and the Jews, the reflexive response of the multiculturalist elite is to join them in their rantings. This is called solidarity.”

H/T – Gilad Atzmon

July 25, 2011 - Posted by | Islamophobia, Wars for Israel


  1. The mantra is group-think dogma. Obama read his teleprompter as the dutiful dupe of AIPAC propaganda and his inter-Zionist-circle in the White House.

    This is a very important issue. The question is, was this in fact another Mossad terrorist act of mass murder, and the attempt to blame it on “Muslims” as Obama parrots poison to perpetuate the worldwide wars against little countries to advance invasion, mass murder, military occupation, mercenary death squads, looting of national treasures, treasury, natural resources, mineral wealth, and imposition of puppet regimes like the one we have in the United States, and the challenge for Europeans in this salient moment of truth is to decide if they will allow their government and private sectors to do business with Israel or any Zionist friendly businesses or nations.

    It is time to review the crimes committed by Israel to put the assassination of 93 young idealistic activist in Norway by a psycho-drone, that ultimately is a “Patsy” who needs to be examined as a victim of mind control, a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ beyond hypnosis alone.

    The “Quislings” are the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AP, and without the internet, this site, what would you know or think, by now? Would you have believed Obama!?

    This issue is vital, for it was going after the children of the most progressive government in Europe on support for the tortured Palestinians living in an Israeli imposed concentration camp back by the United States without reservations or limits so far!

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | July 25, 2011

    • An interesting fact has emerged that the shooter lived in London while his father served as a diplomat at the Norwegian embassy. He would have therefore been known to the British intelligence services, and by default Israel’s. Maybe they can spot a potential ‘candidate’ early on and then spend years doing whatever it is they do to get someone’s state of mind into either doing the deed or believing they did it.

      The lack of CCTV from the city centre of Oslo showing the explosion is unusual, or have they not adopted the mass surveillance culture of other European nations? I’ve seen the devastation of the aftermath. It’s incredible to believe that a car-bomb did that, let alone one made of fertilizer. The explosion was heard 7km away, that’s a big time detonation.

      Comment by Geltmeister | July 25, 2011

      • Uh…. the shooter lived in London when he was 1 year old. Much as I would like to go with the hypothesis, I don’t believe the security services recruit infants. Yet. Maybe Tavistock…

        Comment by tal | July 25, 2011

  2. Never mentioned: Islam and Christianity want the same thing–world domination. Neither will settle for less, both are willing to kill to get it. We need to treat both religions as equally dangerous, equally mad.

    Comment by Maurice Gioseffi | July 25, 2011

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  4. if I was a jew believing i was better than the rough animal goy surrounding me, than I would have to be able to collect the bad habits of greed, backstabbing and stealing from my goy neighbors and drop my I.Q. by 40 points. And I am not about to do that or drop my accumulated skills for the ability to look at myself in the mirror and lie my ass off.
    Israel isn’t the problem here, it is the entities who have made Israel a gameboard at the mercy of the swine. And the swine is not muslim.

    Comment by howardtlewisiii | July 25, 2011

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  6. Horrorwitz is getting as much mileage as he can out of the hollowcaust story, while it still has a few shreds of integrity left clinging to it, while he continies to show he has aliking for real holocausts: in Palestine and now Norway

    Comment by brian | July 25, 2011

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  8. death camps ? Is he referring to Buchenwald, where they sent Hollywood director Billy Wilder to shoot the famous propaganda films?

    Comment by bocott kosher ( COR, K, U in a circle etc) | July 25, 2011

  9. Did anyone notice that much of his 1,500 page ‘manifesto’ was lifted, unattributed, from the unabomber’s?

    Or that the cops, who took 90 minutes to get to the scene-of-the-crime where the teens had been texting their parents and friends from the first shots, spoke to the guy by NAME?!

    Comment by tal | July 25, 2011

  10. It looks as if the government of Norway knows this was a chain-conspiracy run by a foreign power politically motivated with a chronic history of cruelty, terrorism, assassination, and an absolute sense of impunity, while that description fits the United States, is all the more so, by motive alone, it was an Israeli psyop.

    Were the tex messages blocked electronically? If so, how so? And can the United States be logically excluded as a co-conspirator when they were on 9/11, the USS Liberty, and I believe the assassinations of JFK & RFK.

    Recall Obama was allegedly feed disinformation that it was a ‘”Muslim'” attack shows the Zionist perversion of breaking news feed to the president, unless he had prior knowledge and just tried to “spin-it” expecting his persona would suspend disbelief of whatever truth later emerged.

    What has the psycho Secretary of State Hillery Clinton said about this act of terrorism? Will she be invited to Norway or just land and insinuate herself in full US arrogance, and demand security measures that would remove pro-Palestinian Norwegians from the scene?

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | July 27, 2011

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