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Israel’s Lieberman ‘plans to punish Turkey’

The foreign minister is said to be preparing a series of ‘harsh measures’ in response to Turkey`s reaction to a controversial UN report

Ma’an – 09/09/2011

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israel’s foreign ministry has prepared a series of “harsh measures” to “punish” Turkey’s leadership for diplomatic slights, Israeli media reported Friday.

Israel will facilitate cooperation with the Armenians, Turkey’s historic rivals, and may even lobby for international recognition of the Armenian holocaust, the Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is also planning to meet with Kurdish rebels in Europe in order to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area,” Yedioth’s English website said.

“We’ll exact a price from Erdogan that will prove to him that messing with Israel doesn’t pay off,” Lieberman was quoted as saying. “Turkey better treat us with respect and common decency.”

Another means in Lieberman’s “toolbox,” according to the news site Ynet, is a diplomatic campaign where Israeli missions worldwide will be instructed to report Turkish moves against minorities.

The diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel that was sparked by the flotilla raid took a turn for the worse in the last week, following publication of a UN probe into the incident, which found Israel’s naval blockade to be legal although it chastised Israel for using “excessive” force in the raid.

Israel has so far refused to apologize for the bloodshed and called the report’s conclusions a vindication of its stance, deeply angering Turkey.

Turkey responded to the report by expelling Israel’s ambassador, suspending military agreements with Israel and warning it was considering lodging a legal case against Israel at the International Criminal Court.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meanwhile, vowed to accompany any future aid flotillas to Gaza with naval warships, Al Jazeera television quoted him as saying Thursday. … Full article

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  1. Oh really! The zionist apartheid regime of Bibi the terrible is going to punish Turkey, by arming the Kurds…thats gonna go over well with the European Union and the US. If these right wing zealots believe the US is going to go along with this, I think they are living in an alternate reality. Turkey is a giant in democratic, secular values compared to the apartheid zionist regime in israel. I will bet Hilary the zionist will attempt to bend over and try to kiss Bibi’s butt, but all those countries going through their arab spring will hang with Turkey. Israel is its own worst enemies and prove to the world everyday, it will not abide by International law, refuses to abide by the UN, is a criminal state where justice is dirty word. I stand with Erdogan and the Turkish people since 9 of their people died while Israel lied and attacked another peaceful ship in international waters. The Turks are discussing sending their miltiary ships into international waters to protect all those whose international waters are under the gun of Israel, who must believe they own the international waters as well. A 74 yr old sailor who was on the USS Liberty that was attacked by Israel is on his way to the Gaza strip. This man has the courage to stand up against the US government who since Lyndon Johnson told those US sailors who survived the outrageous, unprecedented attack on a US ship in international waters to keep their mouths shut about who attacked them. 34 US sailors died with 134 wounded…we americans will NEVER FORGET.

    Comment by spktruth200 | September 9, 2011

    • @spktruth200
      Your comment is 100% spot on and you took the words right out of my mouth. Please keep your comments coming since they make sense and are an eye opener.

      Comment by B.Benhamid | September 9, 2011

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  3. This is classic Zionist logic and tactics at work. Israel knows they murdered 9 people in cold blood in international waters and yet threatens Turkey, the country that lost their brave citizens, because they asked for an apology. A frigging apology!!! Once again, they try to play the victim to the world and use deceit, intimidation, bribery and good ole plain blackmail to distort and deflect. The big lie has always been that that the Knesset represents all Jews and criticizing Israel doesn’t mean that… it really means (in their twisted demented logic) a person hates all Jews if they criticize Israel and that is complete BS. But with western governments slopping at their trough, there is no shortage of yes-man politicians who will blindly obey their masters in Tel Aviv and
    continue to enact laws that continue to stifle and suppress our right of free speech. One “Dark Ages” was more than enough for the last millennium, thank you. We need to be continuously wary of those politicians with dual citizenship with Israel and those who claim to be running for prez because “god” told them to. If Zionists like Bachman and Perry ever get into that office, the US can kiss away any hope of a recovery, financial or otherwise. If “god” tells them to starve the poor families in a rural district because it will allow more for the “leaders”, they will gladly sell all of us out.

    Comment by brightsorcerer | September 10, 2011

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