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CBC and Pacifica Disgraced by Kay

Public Broadcasters Disgraced as Agents of the 9/11 Cover-Up

Anthony Hall | Salem News | September 18, 2011

(LETHRIDGE, Alberta) – Pacifica and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have joined forces in featuring Jonathan Kay in 9/11/11 coverage aimed at renewing the psychological warfare essential to the invasions, torture, Genocide, illegal occupations and Islamophobia characterizing the 9/11 wars.

Jonathan Kay was a featured guest highlighted in the network coverage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 as broadcast by both Pacifica Radio in the United States and the English-language radio division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Kay wrote for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation a hate-inspired, tenth-anniversary text claiming that those engaged in seeking answers for the copious unanswered questions concerning 9/11 are engaged in “absolving” all Muslims collectively of a “terrible crime.” (p. 167)

Kay’s diatribe was funded by a prominent Israeli-based think tank whose leadership comes largely from the Project for the New American Century. PNAC is the think tank which observed in 2000 that its ambitious program of military expansion and invasions could not be met without a “catalyzing event” like a new Pearl Harbor. Entitled “Among the Truthers”, Kay diverts attention away from the evidence of what did and did not happen on 9/11. Instead Kay appoints himself as a psycho-anthropologist in pursuit of what this war promoter and Isamophobe describes as “the growing conspiracist underground.”

In his 9/11/11 coverage Michael Enright, host of CBC Radio’s flag ship show, Sunday Morning, demeaned on air his old colleague, Barrie Zwicker. Zwicker and Enright worked together for many years as reporters at The Globe and Mail, the main competitor in Canada of Kay’s National Post. Zwicker is the author of “Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11”. As his wonkey subtitle proclaims, Kay equates even the most accomplished of those engaged in the quest for 9/11 truth, investigators like Zwicker as well as Professor David Ray Griffin, with “Birthers, Armageddonites, Vaccine Hysterics, Hollywood Know-Nothings and Internet Addicts.”

Aged 77, the fit, mentally-agile Zwicker was a guest earlier today on Michael Enright’s program. The struggling host could not come anywhere close to keeping up with Zwicker. Instead Enright displayed an ignorance of his subject matter unbefitting of a broadcaster holding a high level of public trust in Canada’s Crown-owned agency. Like the CBC, the Pacifica stations in the United States have frequently featured Kay as an expert commentator on 9/11. While the CBC did not broach the subject of 9/11 skepticism in its 9/11/11 coverage, at least Pacifica did include in its tenth-anniversary broadcast the perspectives of, for instance, architect Richard Gage and University of Copenhagen Chemistry Professor, Niels Harrit. Both educators are highly critical of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11.


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  1. zionists do what zionists do best – lie.

    Comment by joe | September 19, 2011

  2. As a one-time KPFK host and station board member, I am not surprised in the least of the liberal appeasement of their largest single source of funding.:

    ‘……The Pacifica Foundation, which gets about $1.4 million a year in federal money…..’

    I was removed for continuous radical input that was loved by the general audience and hated by those of the dispassionate and limited liberals grasp of the issues, both domestic and international. I was on from January 1990 until September 1995 and was proclaimed by other programmers “as the conscience of the station.”

    The greatest loss by magnitudes was ‘Taking Aim with Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone. But, luckily their weekly hour broadcast on WBAI from April 2002 to January 2011 is preserved: Program Audio Archive:

    The other great program is ‘Guns and Butter’ is produced and hosted by Bonnie Faulkner is still broadcasting every Wednesday at 1:00 PM PT. A recent example from her archives from September 7th is “The 46 Exercises and Drills of 9/11” with Webster Griffin Tarpley:

    Archives index of Guns and Butter begin January 2003 and up to last week with Micheal Hudson.:

    So Pacifica has been gagged of those who are not lobotomized, or realistically, disgusting disingenuous shills for the US and/or Israeli imperialism!

    Thank you Aletho for this article as a salacious segue into sharing this supreme information.

    And this is germane to this article; ‘”He who pays the piper calls the tune'” and the usurped and nullified “federal government” is a commercial sponsor, and whats is products pimped by the punks they are picking-up the tabs for! As a board member and radio host I always demanded that the station and Pacifica as a whole reject gag money as a treacherous contagion that is anathema to the precept of ‘”Listner Sponsored, Free Speech Pacifica Radio'”

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | September 19, 2011

  3. Fear not. The Israeli controlled media is in MAJOR FREEFALL mode. Their news programs are watched by fewer than 1 MILLION viewers now. The never-ending pro-Israel, pro-war, anti-muslim propaganda is LAUGHABLE. Nobody believes a SINGLE WORD from the Israeli media. They may have pulled off 9/11 and gotten their wars, but the cover-up has cost them their ENTIRE CONTROL MATRIX.

    Next for them is shackles and being frog marched to jail for their treason.

    Comment by Goliath | July 16, 2012

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