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Zionist plan to build 60,000 settlement units in Jerusalem

Palestine Information Center – 06/11/2011

NAZARETH — Hebrew media sources revealed a strategic plan of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem which aims to build more than 60,000 new settler residential units in Jerusalem over the next 20 years.

Maariv said on Sunday that a Jerusalem municipality document shows that of 60,718 new residential units, most (53,000) will be built in settlements in East Jerusalem.

24,000 units have already been approved by the planning committee, only 3,500 of them will be built in West Jerusalem. Planning applications have been submitted for another 13,500 more units awaiting approval. Plans for another 23,266 more units are being prepared.

According to data in the document the land on which these units will be built lies in north eastern Jerusalem, such as Besgat Zeiv settlement, Nevieh Yacub settlement and Arab suburbs: Beit Hanian and Shefat. The building of more than 10,000 units will start straight away, planning permissions for half of them have already been obtained and the other half still awaiting permission.

According to municipality data, 10,934 units will be built, half of them approved and they will be built in Silwan and in the old city.

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