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Occupation forces set up tent next to the home of liberated captive

Palestine Information Center – 03/12/2011

AL-KHALIL — Israeli occupation forces on Saturday afternoon set up a tent on the roof of a house adjacent to the house of liberated captive Randah Shahatit from the village of Abu Seif to the south of Dor in al-Khalil district in the southern Gaza Strip.

Sources close to liberated captive Shahatit told the PIC correspondent: “IOF troops boarding four military vehicles raided the village in the afternoon and they built a tent on the roof of a house belonging to Ismail Shawamra, adjacent to the home of liberated captive Randah Shahatit.”

The sources added that the soldiers were still on the roof at the time of the writing of this report and that when Shahatit went out of her home to visit a friend in the village the soldiers were watching.

Villagers are staying in their homes fearing the IOF have aggressive intentions.

The IOF troops raided the home of liberated captive Shahatit last Sunday and summoned her to Etsion interrogation centre to the south of al-Khalil on Wednesday where she was warned of participating in any activities and that she was being watched by the occupation army.

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