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The Israeli occupation the world forgot: the Golan Heights

By Mya Guarnieri | Alternative Information Center | December 26, 2011

While the mainstream media commonly refers to the West Bank and Gaza as the Occupied Palestinian Territories, it often incorrectly calls the Golan Heights part of Israel. How has the occupation impacted the Golan? And why has the world forgotten it?

Earlier this month, The Atlantic published “2011: The Year in Photos.” It included a picture of Palestinian protesters climbing the fence that separates, according to The Atlantic, the “Israel-Syria border… near Majdal Shams.” The caption explained that Majdal Shams is located in “northern Israel.”

Imagine the fury if mainstream media outlets referred to the occupied West Bank as “Judea and Samaria.” That would be equivalent to calling the Golan Heights, which also lies beyond the Green Line, “northern Israel.” Calling the Golan “northern Israel” tacitly legitimizes the 1981 Israeli annexation, which has been rejected by the United Nations on numerous occasions in numerous resolutions and goes unrecognized by the international community.

It is this kind of blind repetition of the Israeli government line that has caused both Israeli citizens and the world to forget that the Golan Heights is occupied territory, not unlike East Jerusalem. Those who live in both East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are not citizens of the state but residents who pay taxes to the Israeli government and receive next to nothing in return. The residents of the Golan run their own hospitals. They build their own schools. And, as is the case in East Jerusalem and Area C in the West Bank, they usually build without permits as Israel will not allow for natural population growth.

As is the case in the West Bank, Arab residents of the occupied Golan Heights have faced restricted access to their lands, land confiscation, and tight water restrictions that impede their farming. According to the NGO Jawlan- Golan for the Development of the Arab villages, the area’s Israeli settlers use as much as 17 times more water per capita than the indigenous inhabitants of the Golan.

As is the case with Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Palestinian citizens of Israel, Israeli expulsions and expansion has split Golan families into two. In 1967, 130,000 Arab inhabitants were expelled from the Golan Heights, leaving only 6000 residents behind. As a number of Majdal Shams residents told me, every house in the Golan is divided. Everyone has family in Syria, loved ones they see through binoculars at Shouting Hill, cousins they talk to through bullhorns, brothers they have never met.

As is the case with the Palestinians, residents of the Golan have resisted Israeli occupation. Many a member of the Golan Heights’ community has been held in Israeli jails as political prisoners.

But The Atlantic isn’t the only media outlet to forget the occupation of the Golan. For reasons I don’t quite understand, a number of journalists I’ve spoken to consider the Golan “different” from the Palestinian territories. Perhaps it’s easier for journalists to talk about “Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories” or the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” But to do so is an oversimplification that ignores the broader regional context that includes the Golan Heights.

Or, perhaps, journalists have bought into Israel’s line that the Golan residents aren’t Arab, they’re Druze, and the Druze are “different.” But, talk to most Druze in the Golan and they’ll tell you that they are Druze only by religion. Most identify as Arab, Syrian, or both.

The Golan Heights serves as yet another reminder that the conflict on the ground is very different than the story Israel offers up to the world. The conflict isn’t about the Western world battling the Muslim world; it’s not a clash of cultures or a clash of values; the occupation isn’t a security measure, meant to protect Israel from “terrorists.” And while the Palestinians are the people who, as a whole, suffer the direst consequences of the conflict and the occupation, the conflict and the occupation isn’t necessarily about the Palestinians—it’s about the Jewish state privileging Jewish interests and rights over those of non-Jewish “others.”

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  1. All of this happened because President Lyndon B. Johnson backed Israel completely the Jews aggression in 1967, to the point of conspiring to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt in a false-flag reprisal by dropping two hydrogen bombs on Egypt.

    What leverage did the Jews have on President Johnson you must wonder to committee such an act of High Treason?

    It was using an attractive Mossad sex agent to most likely sell him the plan, and remind him that they had conspired successfully with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    That is some powerful blackmail, and he was a craven coward and soulless cretin who had to be extremely jealous of JFK and was facing being dumped as vice-president in the 1964 campaign, and was known to have been involved in a number of assassinations in Texas and feared spending the rest of his life in prison and possibly execution as a murderer. Further evidence by Billy Sol Estes who made a deathbed confession of his life of crime with LBJ.

    And that is why LBJ (aka “Little Blow Job” in Texas) declined staying in the race for re-election in 1968.

    And that folks is reality of how things got so bad; ambition and ruthlessness in public office under blackmail by psychotics, specifically, David Ben Gurion who was fighting with JFK over Dimona nuclear power plant.

    That also lead to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 and you have a great clue by whom with the “framing” of a Palestinian as the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. The Jews behind the assassination of JFK had to be worried about RFK becoming president, and took executive action!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 26, 2011

    • I guess that Israel could have exposed LBJ’s complicity in the Kennedy assassination. That would explain a lot.

      The video “BBC – Evidence of Israel’s nuclear weapons” relates that Kennedy was insisting on inspection of Dimona, a demand that never resurfaced under LBJ.

      Things regarding Zionist domination of the USA did get worse in the 60’s but the US has been a sick puppy for its entire existence.


      Comment by aletho | December 26, 2011

  2. Yes do to tactical mistakes, both in methodology and substance, and that is true today as in colonial days and independence only open to racist imperialism, still very much a British mindset, after all, the US is their bastard monster with an off and on Oedipus Complex to “sleep with mommy” and kill daddy.

    Blair and Bush, Churchill and Truman, and the public enthrallment with a royal wedding and bridal gown a year ago is curious.

    Enough Freud, there is another BBC production that documents the criminal conspiracy between LBJ and the Jews occupying Palestine, to attack full force the Six-Day War in June 1967, that was include the sinking of the USS Liberty and blame it on Egypt in a classical false-flag psychological warfare that was to sink it without any survivors.

    LBJ was to retaliate for the false flag act as an act of reprisal for sinking the USS Liberty, by sending to jets to drop hydrogen bombs Egypt.

    Use the URL below to view the BBC-4 documentary ‘Dead In the Water’ that runs 1 hour and 8 minutes. 24 minutes into it, that revelation is disclosed and of course proves how perverse the US-Israeli relationship is, and why 9/11 would not be an out of the question proposition by Wolfowitz and his gang of neocon terrorist war criminals.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 26, 2011

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