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Venezuela’s Chavez Speculates over Coincidence of Leftwing Latin American Presidents with Cancer

By Tamara Pearson | Venezuelanalysis | December 29th 2011

Mérida – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has expressed his “suspicions” over the number of left wing Latin American presidents who have acquired cancer recently.

“It’s difficult to explain, at this point, what is happening to some of us in Latin America,” Chavez said. “It’s strange that [Paraguayan president Fernando] Lugo, [Brazilian president] Dilma [Rousseff], and then myself, and a few days later [ex Brazilian president Luiz Inacio] Lula [Da Silva] and now Cristina [Fernandez] have contracted cancer”.

“Would it be strange if the U.S had developed the technology to induce cancer? I don’t know, I leave it to be reflected on,” he added.

“I don’t want to make any reckless accusations, but just a while ago I heard president Alvaro Colom [of Guatemala] telling the United States that it should accept its responsibility and seek forgiveness from the Guatemalan people, because it was shown, fifty years later, that they ran a biological and chemical operation, venereal diseases included, in the country, for scientific tests,” Chavez added.

On 4 January Fernandez will be operated on for thyroid cancer. According to Alfredo Scoccimarrio, Argentine secretary of communication, there is no metastasis. Abiding by constitutional regulations, the vice president, Amado Boudou, will take over Fernandez’s responsibilities while she is in hospital.

Lugo was diagnosed with treatable lymphatic cancer in August last year, Rouseff underwent cancer treatment in 2009, also for lymphoma, In October this year Lula’s larynx cancer was detected, and Chavez was diagnosed with cancer in June this year. He has since announced his “full recovery”.

The Venezuelan foreign affairs ministry released a statement yesterday saying Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had called Fernandez, worried, and to express his solidarity. Fernandez said he was the first president to call her.

According to the statement, during the conversation Fernandez said she would like to be included in the “Summit of Presidents who have overcome cancer” and they talked about asking Lula to coordinate the event. Lula proposed the conference on 3 November this year.

The statement said the conversation concluded with Chavez wishing Fernandez “good health” and saying “We’ll live and we’ll overcome”, a slogan Chavez has been using instead of ‘socialism, homeland, or death’ since he himself fought cancer.

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  1. Intriguing because it is true, the statistical possibilities/probabilities are beyond my deduction, what isn’t is history and knowing the criminal nature of the US power elite; it would be intellectually dishonesty to think otherwise. And this would be under a regime that states, ‘”Nothing is off the table'” and that as we know includes the use of nuclear weapons, so why wouldn’t smaller doses be covertly used to poison by food, drink, or directed energy beams. “Where there is a will, there is a way'”

    As a prelude to excepts below I must add that Marilyn Monroe was assassinated by poisoning to prevent her from exposing the assassination plots against Fidel Castro by then US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy; that Robert was bragging about during pillow talk and Marilyn claimed to recorded it in her diary, which was never recovered. The poison was administered anally. Ironically, the Kennedy brothers themselves were assassinated, and Castro lives-on, Viva!

    ‘The history of poison[1] stretches from before 4500 BC to the present day… particularly at the time of the Roman Empire, one of the more prevalent uses was assassination. As early as 331 BC, poisonings executed at the dinner table or in drinks were reported, and the practice became a common occurrence. The use of fatal substances was seen among every social class; even the nobility would often use it to dispose of unwanted political or economic opponents…Over the centuries, the use of poisons for devious means and harmful purposes continued to escalate…Some speculate that this use and existence of these strange and noxious substances was kept secret within the more important and higher-ranked members of a tribe or clan, and were seen as emblems of a greater power…It is estimated that in the 1570s that there would have been about thirty thousand people in Paris alone using poison or having some connection to poison in an illegal or immoral way.[21] It was becoming something of which was described as a ‘plague’ or ‘epidemic’…….’

    ‘…….a large proportion of childhood thyroid cancers diagnosed since the accident is likely to be due to intake of radioactive iodine fallout. Subsequent studies in the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus estimate over 1 million people were affected by radiation from Chernobyl, however the extent of its effects may never be truly known……..’


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 30, 2011

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