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Google Earth photos for Morsi’s detention place and previous statement by the Interior Minister confirms the ‘Sisi Office Leak’

MEMO | December 6, 2014

Images of the Military Base from Google Earth

Arabi 21 has obtained two Google Earth pictures of the “hangar” in which President Morsi was held after the third of July military coup. The Mekameleen Satellite Channel‘s leaks on Thursday’s leaks on Thursday focused on the attempt of the Supreme Military Council to modify the hangar and convert it into an official prison by means of falsification with the acquiescence of the Interior Ministry and Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat.

The first Google Earth picture of the “hangar” taken on 5 February 2014 shows that it existed within the military unit close to the Military Academy in Abu Qir.

The second picture taken on 21 March shows the modifications undertaken on the military unit’s wall whereby the “hangar” ended up an independent building outside the borders and the wall of the unit, with a wide road leading to it from the main public street.

Meanwhile, new evidence emerged confirming the authenticity of the leak and the accuracy of its substance. Egyptian Interior Minister Brig. Gen. Muhammad Ibrahim had stated in a broadcasted TV interview a year ago that President Muhammad Morsi was not held in a prison at the time of the military coup on the 3rd of July but was detained “elsewhere”.

Answering a question put to him by journalist Amr Adeeb as to whether Morsi wore the “white fatigue” –  in reference to prison uniform, Ibrahim said that prison rules were not applied to Morsi at the time. He confirmed in the interview that the Interior Ministry was responsible for Morsi and that he was sent to one of its prisons only after he appeared in court, months after his secret detention.

What Ibrahim said confirms what was contained in the leaked audio recording aired by Egyptian satellite channel Mekameleen. The leaks came out of Sisi’s office and involved a discussion about the endeavour of the Military Council to convert a “hangar” that belonged to it into a prison under the responsibility of the interior ministry in order to justify detaining Morsi within it. … Full article

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