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Settler gun training on roof overlooking school: this is how they teach hate

International Solidarity Movement | November 11, 2015

Hebron, Occupied Palestine – This morning, for four hours from 9am to 1pm, a group of  Israeli Settlers were training on the rooftop of the illegal settlement building, Yona Menachem Rennert Beit Midrash, on Shuhada street. An instructor taught them how to hold a gun properly and how to adopt the best body position for shooting correctly. The young settlers were all carrying guns and shouted continuously during the exercises, disrupting the children and the teachers of Qurtuba school during their lessons, and also the neighborhood life, like for the Palestinian farmers who were picking olives on their land, near the school.12235261_10207918344900326_261685377_o (1)

This kind of settler training, which takes place several times a week in the illegal settlements of Al-Khalil, are part of the Israeli settlement strategy. This is one example of how they are indoctrinating their youth, teaching them to hate Palestinians, and encouraging attacks against them.12235597_10207918344860325_1069111633_o

Israeli law allows any Israeli who has a firearms license to carry a gun in the street. While the Palestinians have to endure the daily humiliation of being searched at each checkpoint as well as total military control of their daily life in case they might be carrying a knife.

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  1. Has it been established who the instructors are?


    Comment by Brenda | November 12, 2015 | Reply

  2. Too bad Saeb Erekat, in his recent BBC (Sackur?) interview, didn’t bring this up to counter the bast**d’s baiting of Erekat re alleged Palestinian schools’ classroom “incitement” activities. THESE settler thugs know “incitement.”

    Thanks to the ISM and Aletho.


    Comment by roberthstiver | November 12, 2015 | Reply

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