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Turkey’s ‘Sunni-Only’ Refugee Camps Worsen Crisis

Sputnik – January 12, 2016

Part of the problem with Turkey’s refugee policy is the establishment of discriminatory policies for non-Sunnis in an attempt to craft a new Syrian state, according to Turkish human rights activist Ozturk Turkdogan.

Turkey’s attempts to use refugees as a political bargaining chip have hurt both the refugees and the situation in Syria, President of the Turkish Human Rights Association (IHD) Ozturk Turkdogan told Sputnik Turkiye.

Turkey recently made a 3 billion euro settlement with the European Union to keep refugees from leaving through smugglers.

“I must note that accepting refugees into ‘its’ camps, Turkey acts selectively, giving priority to Sunni Arabs. This discriminatory approach is part of Ankara’s erroneous Syrian strategy, the goal of which is to create a new state in Syria, propped up with Sunni Muslims.”

According to Turkdogan, the refugee agreement between Turkey and the EU does not solve the refugee problem, and Turkey should have appealed to the UN for aid instead.”Today’s refugee issues are the result of wrong-headed policy on Syria,” Turkdogan added.

Refugee smuggling in Turkey has previously been linked to organized crime groups, which make as much as 1 billion euros per year from smuggling.

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