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Democracy Now?

By Richard Hugus | Aletho News | October 3, 2016

When it comes to Syria, the supposedly “alternative” media outlet, “Democracy Now!” promotes a line no different from the US State Department. In its September 29, 2016 broadcast, “Democracy Now!” co-host Narmine Shaikh describes a “devastating bombing campaign by the Syrian government and Russia in the city of Aleppo” three days earlier, saying that “the two largest hospitals in Aleppo were forced to close after being hit by airstrikes.”

The broadcast implies that, for no reason, public hospitals in Aleppo were intentionally bombed by Syria and Russia. There is no explanation of why they would do this. No proof is given that the hospitals were operational, whether they were in fact bombed, who bombed them, or who controlled them. Instead, in the background, we see videos of blasted buildings and innocent people, including a small child, apparently being rescued from the rubble of collapsed buildings. The video implies that this was done by the Syrian government and Russia, but the time and place of the footage is not provided. The footage of the rescue of the small child carries the logo of the western propaganda NGO, the White Helmets, and has no credibility. Amy Goodman describes this group as “Syria civil defense forces” but Vanessa Beeley has reported that Syria has a real civil defense organization, which the White Helmets are not a part of; the White Helmets are USAID-funded impostors making propaganda videos to demonize Russia and Assad. Beeley also reports:

“Western media infers that those being targeted are civilians, not members of the Nusra Front and other foreign-funded terrorist brigades, and that all these “civilians” are being mercilessly bombed by Russian and Syrian air strikes.

All three main hospitals are fully occupied by the various armed insurgencies led by the Nusra Front, according to Dr. Hayak [a doctor in non-occupied Aleppo], who said they use the top floors as sniper towers.”

Without comment, “Democracy Now!” plays a clip in which President Obama says, “the key in Syria now is that, unless we can get the parties involved to realize they are just burning their country to the ground . . . there’s going to be a limit to what we can do.” Obama promotes the idea that Syria is in the midst of a terrible civil war and that the most the US can do there is “to mitigate the pain and suffering those folks are undergoing.” How generous of the US! Why doesn’t it just end its massive support for the killers that are attacking and occupying Syria? The question would not be raised by “Democracy Now!”.

By showing dramatic footage of bombed buildings and injured civilians and blaming it on the Syrian government and Russia, “Democracy Now!” is providing everything the US needs to finally claim that it must carry out another “humanitarian war,” this time against Syria. A key promoter of this Orwellian concept is Samantha Power, who, as US ambassador to the UN, barely conceals the contempt she and her fellow neocons have for the rest of the world. In an insulting an officious tone, this instigator of war called Russia “barbaric” for its alleged bombing of Aleppo. “Democracy Now!” airs a clip showing Ban Ki Moon saying the same thing. Though he does not name Russia or Syria, we are led to believe that Russia and the Syrian government were the perpetrators of killing worse than what takes place in “a slaughterhouse.” Of course, when the US kills people, it is always done humanely. Humanitarian killing has been Samantha Power’s specialty since the war on Yugoslavia, where the US and NATO dropped humanitarian bombs on Serbia for 79 straight days.

Two guests appear on the September 29 program, both introduced as grassroots Syrian human rights activists. The first, Osama Nasser, seems to be stumbling over a script he was given to read while Amy Goodman struggles not to look annoyed. Nasser says that Aleppo is being attacked by Russia and Syrian regime forces and that the US is doing nothing to help, as if the US were not already there in any other capacity. For instance, he does not mention the ongoing occupation of Aleppo by US forces cloned from al-Qaeda, and the “Democracy Now!” hosts do nothing to raise this obvious point. Al-Qaeda foreign mercenaries are supposed to be the arch-enemy of the US, so mentioning them would only confuse people. Thanks to other news sources, we know that the Syrian army and Russia are fighting to force al-Qaeda out of Aleppo.

When Osama Nasser gets through his talking points, on comes the more polished Yasser Munif, speaking from Emerson College in Boston. Munif pushes an idea designed to appeal to western leftists, that since 2011 Syria has been experiencing a domestic grassroots revolution, the main enemy of which is President Assad, who came down on the revolution with brutal repression. Munif does not mention that the 2011 protests were likely orchestrated by Israel and the West in the first place to destabilize Syria. But one would think, if they didn’t get this in 2011, that when they saw their cause being taken over by thousands of mercenaries from other countries, these grassroots revolutionaries would perhaps take a break from the “revolution” to get rid of the invaders. But Munif and other proponents of the so-called grassroots movement insist that all along there has been only one problem – the Syrian government. The US State Department and the Syrian Revolution are, conveniently, in full agreement: Bashar al-Assad is the root of all evil. “Assad must go” is at the top of the list of propaganda points.

In his commentary, Munif says that the Syrian government has used the media “to create a parallel reality” – a phrase taken from whoever creates buzzwords for John Kerry, who said in the same week that Russian-Syrian assertions of the US responsibility for sabotaging a ceasefire made him feel like he was living in “a parallel world.” The world that most other people live in could see that the US was clearly guilty of sabotage.

The propaganda we are seeing in the world today relies on a full 180º overturning of reality. The horrendous crimes being committed by the US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others in Syria, as they are carried out, are immediately blamed on the victims of those crimes – the people of Syria — and on Russia, the one nation which has stood up in Syria’s defense. “Democracy Now!” is doing its part in this subterfuge by making sure that liberals and leftists who follow the show are properly misled. It does this by devoting a lot of its program space to good causes, like exposing the epidemic (surely a policy by now) of police murders of blacks on US streets. Indeed, most of the September 29 program was devoted to the then latest murder of Ugandan refugee, Alfred Olango.

But “Democracy Now!” is no different than any of the mainstream media news programs – it omits any analysis of Israel’s role in instigating a war against Arab and Muslim nations, it omits any critique of the power of the Israel lobby, it omits any examination of the neocons and their agenda for Israel, and it omits any coverage of the fact that the September 11, 2001 attacks were planned and carried out by the neocons and others in order to begin the succession of wars that followed. This is by no means a complete list of the services rendered by “Democracy Now!”.  The program would not be on the air, getting generous funding and wide exposure, if it were not doing some heavy lifting. The self-righteousness coming off the screen of this supposedly radical left news program makes it even more offensive than Fox News.

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  1. Racketeering as defined by the RICO act includes a list of 35 crimes.

    Individuals and agencies committing the crimes–such as DEMOCRACY NOW false reporting–are criminally liable and their assets subject to seizure.

    PBS and BBC operate as publicly funded agencies–and their stated missions would lead us to trust that they fulfill on their mission of operating on behalf of the public. It is, however, the case that these ‘news’ agencies operate on behalf of a behind-the-scenes cabal of criminals.

    FEMA camps is where these criminals belong while awaiting trial by jury or by military tribunals. The Big Lie about 9-11 is the “mother of all recent wars”. Exposing 9-11 ends the wars.

    A ‘rule of law’ solution is the only way to right the human journey. All else feeds into the clutches of the criminal element.


    Comment by rediscover911com | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  2. Dont forget that Michael Rivero, Gordon Duff and many othr alternative sites pushed the phony “Arab Spring” for MONTHS and months before finally backing off the scam. Aletheo and Infowars were among the few that called out the swindle from its start


    Comment by Jstop | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  3. PBS—during G.W. Bush regime,McDonald’s heiress gave NPR $32 million on condition that Israel is never bad mouthed. Money talks!


    Comment by jojo archers | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  4. Thank you for pointing out the malicious propaganda reporting on Syria by Democracy Now. This particular report confirms the suspicions of many that the so-called “left, progressive news” organization, along with its frequently featured guest Noam Chomsky (9/11 Report accurate, vote for Hillary Clinton…), neatly fulfill their roles as gatekeepers.


    Comment by Jerry "Peacemaker" | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  5. Democracy Now is probably a CIA front. It poses as Liberal, alternative media. Breitbart News is likely also a phony, CIA operation that pretends to be independent and conservative. These fronts are not much different than their bigger cousins PBS, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, Associated Press, NYT, etc., etc. The reason these phony “alternative, independent” news agencies have been created is to attract former mainstream media consumers who have figured out that they’ve been lied to. If you are starting to understand these tricks, you are one step closer to understanding the world of lies in which we live, and the sociopaths who control it all.


    Comment by It's All Fake | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  6. Democracy Now is just another neomarxist cult of confession…the groupthink, loaded language, mental fatigue, dispensing with existence, sacred science, all the traits of indoctrinated ideological totalists.

    noGoodman, documented the event at wtc7, she’s left speechless when asked about Soros, see the last 10 minutes.

    Democracy Now EXPOSED! Soros & Rockefeller Funded N.W.O. Propaganda


    Comment by Rainbow Brite | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  7. The “Eretz Israel” crowd is so incredibly power that it seems that even Democracy Now has become part of the effort for American tax money and American soldiers to attack Israel’s innocent neighbors.
    Until Americans get the intelligence to recognize who REALLY causes the horror all over the world and the guts to do something about then we will all continue to die for the lie in the Middle East.
    This actually bad for Israel and worse for America.


    Comment by Jack Dunn | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  8. Well, I watched some democracy now back when bush stole the 2004 election, which was a year before I started researching 911. I wasn’t really impressed at the time because they’d throw up a series of stories from so called experts or activists or insiders while never making a determination as to which or who’s story was true.
    Once I began my 9,11 research I stopped watching dumbatrocity now, mainly because it had nothing of value to say on the subject.
    After an exhaustive 1.5 years 5 hours a day study on the subject, I was 100% sure that 9,11 was not what was reported to be. After a year of handing out various 9,11 videos, excluding Alex Jones or Loose change, an associate gave me a cd recorded from dumbatrocity now with loose change laying down for pop mech.
    I was not surprised M!#$@%$ F#@$#%$.

    I could have destroyed every argument popular mechanics used to discredit the “loose changers” with ease!! However what I saw was a three way circle jerk which completely confirmed any suspicion that they were not in the business of fact finding. Rather they keep pushing the official story emphasizing Bush, while covering up the jewish criminal group which has final say since they own or control all american, canadian and europian media.
    So yeah, I haven’t looked at that show for 10 years(the same time I stopped watching ALL tv), nice to see they’re still protecting criminal jews.

    Now ten years later I can see the damage that watching regular tv post 9,11 for ten years has done to people I know. And I see the damage done by shitbags like Jones and Goodman and anyone else with an “alternative” talk show that is magically mentioned over and over in the mainstream media.

    Well 15 years of american dominance down, 85 to go for the rothchilds and their zionist PNAC boys.

    Can you imagine how ugly humanity will be in the next 85 years? under the control of people who, were natural selection still a driving force on earth, really shouldn’t even be alive.

    They are literally stopping the spiritual evolution of humanity in its tracks.


    Comment by Diaz's packed bowl | October 3, 2016 | Reply

    • Agree completely. More and more people are finding out who REALLY did 9-11. It is up to us to keep spreading the truth.


      Comment by Jack Dunn | October 3, 2016 | Reply

  9. LA weekly had an interesting article years ago ‘Pacifica Radio Slides Into The Abyss’ noting a steep ratings decline for kpfk 90.7 los angeles – which is good news – the people are not fooled by Snowden again reading from cue cards in video clips – real activists don’t have to – or they are familiar with Goodmans rehearsed pre-fab agit-prop as she relies mostly on no name, faceless astroturf State Dept. / CFR or Washington think tank Soros affiliated groups. Code Pinks website for example you will struggle to find any mention of Allepo, Nader another DN regular failed to critique Democrats on the fake war on ISIS in Syria, indeed al nusra/ ISIS are ubiquitous acting in concert, trading US weapons and supplies, the much beloved David Swanson appeared on 90.7 los angeles – ‘Connect the Dots’ last weekday morning but his comments -about 20 minutes worth – were so innocuous and toned down they were worthless as David and host Ms Layla Garrett tried to make a point about Hillarys war record but ultimately said next to nothing. The same often happens with Arundati Roy or Chomsky who personally refuse to name names in the ruthless executions of US policy or tap into the emotions of audience members, instead speaking in dull emotionless tones – sans any impassioned vocal inflection whatsoever- watching the Establishment financed ‘Free Speech TV’ a sham DC Foundation funded front of a cable network is like watching a network managed by non-emotive Stepford Wives who act as per instructed, and like another featured guest Julian Assange, show very liittle genuine heartfelt empathy or anger or ourage toward the criminal leaders of US imperialism.


    Comment by J.J. | October 8, 2016 | Reply

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