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Bashar al-Assad’s full BBC interview

“… I was very cautious in saying any opinion regarding him before he became President and after. I always say let’s see what he’s going to do, we wouldn’t comment on statements. So, actually, this is the first proof that it’s not about the President in the United State; it’s about the regime and the deep state or the deep regime in the United States is still the same, it doesn’t change. The President is only one of the performers on their theatre, if he wants to be a leader, he cannot, because as some say he wanted to be a leader, Trump wanted to be a leader, but every President there, if he wants to be a real leader, later he’s going to eat his words, swallow his pride if he has pride at all, and make a 180 degree U-turn, otherwise he would pay the price politically. …”

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  1. Israel may well have been responsible for that chemical attack — knowing full well that it would be blamed on Assad, and draw the USA into the conflict to fight Israel’s enemies for her. The way things were going before, Trump indicated he had no problems letting Assad remain as leader. Now, after this attack, 180 degree change in policy. Who benefits? Israel benefits more than anyone else — and they’re back on track to receive the Golan Heights as a result of this conflict.

    Comment by Parakletos | April 13, 2017 | Reply

    • “Now, after this attack, 180 degree change in policy. Who benefits? Israel benefits more than anyone else”

      Israel has been the outstanding beneficiary of the chaos that has become the Middle East, and they have had to do very little of the fighting…….since 9/11.

      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | April 13, 2017 | Reply

    • “Israel may well have been responsible for that chemical attack”.
      However, this is the whole point – nobody knows who exactly did what. The only certainty for the moment is that the White Helmets were ready very quickly to broadcast either fake or staged videos (exactly as happened in al-Ghoutta in 2013) or they knew of an attack and were ready to get footage; the White Helmets set up by ex MI6 operative James Le Mesurier and funded with millions by the US and NATO.

      Of course, I m not shocked by your suggestion of Israeli involvement.
      Cui bono and the 180° about face. Thierry Meyssan notes (13th April 2017):
      “In less than two weeks, the Trump administration has defended 7 different positions concerning the Syrian Arab Republic.” (The seventh being the u-turn and attack.)
      It sounds like military-industrial complex and the Zionist lobby have battered and beaten Donald Trump’s administration from pillar to post and finally into capitulation.
      The US president seems oblivious to these inconsistencies and carries on as if business as usual was on the agenda.

      There are still unanswered questions about what happened in Khan Sheikhoun and the subsequent attack on the a-Shairat airbase. Even if the Israelis are responsible – their country has known no honour since it was defecated onto the map in 1948 -I would be surprised if they intervened directly; that would take courage and self-sacrifice.

      Comment by redracam | April 14, 2017 | Reply

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