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Wasn’t she supposed to serve US? Twitter unamused as IDF ‘salutes’ Haley for her support for Israel

RT | October 10, 2018

A tweet from the IDF thanking Nikki Haley for her “unwavering support” for Israel has sparked an avalanche of snarky comments, with many pointing out that Haley was supposed to be the US, not Israeli, envoy to the UN.

In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Haley resigned her post as Washington’s envoy to the United Nations. Haley’s departure ignited a Twitter storm of speculation about why she chose to step down, and what she’s planning next. Israel’s military, however, used the announcement as an opportunity to thank the retiring US diplomat for her service to the Jewish state.

“Thank you @nikkihaley for your service in the @UN and unwavering support for Israel and the truth. The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces salute you!” the IDF’s official Twitter account wrote.

But the IDF’s appreciative “salute” to Haley was immediately swarmed with angry and sarcastic replies, with Twitter users accusing the former US envoy of putting Israel’s interests ahead of her own country’s.

“’Unwavering support’ aka, blind allegiance,” one Twitter user noted bluntly.

“You love her for the reasons the rest of us despise her,” another netizen shot back at the IDF. “She left the Human Rights Council, pulled the US out of Iran deal, slashed funds to UNRWA, moved embassy to Jerusalem, and was exaggerated in her support for the IDF when they abuse Palestinian human rights.”

Twitter user “Alan” made a similar, although considerably more succinct, observation: “I thought she was meant to be serving… Never mind.”

Haley has been a fierce defender of Israel, repeatedly using her seat on the UN Security Council to shield Tel Aviv from international criticism. During her tenure at the UN, the US envoy lashed out at the international community for allegedly “bullying” Tel Aviv, warning that the she “wasn’t going to have it.”

“We had the back of Israel, and if they were going to mess with Israel they had to mess with the US,” she said.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Haley for leading an “uncompromising struggle” on behalf of the “justice of our country.”

He was referring to Israel, not the United States. Just to be clear.

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  1. The blatant support of Israel over US interests and the lies … was it an act to ingratiate Israeli psychopaths?

    The most optimistic I can be about Nikki Haley is this: What would a VERY BIG STING operation led by patriots in DOJ, State Department, top military brass and Trump look like?

    Could the administration be turning the tables by way of deception? … turning the lessons of the Kol Nidre back on the masters of deception? Could Nikki and missiles into Syria doing minimal damage be an act to lull the zios into thinking thay have free reign over the Middle East and eventually the entire world?

    Comment by rediscover911com | October 10, 2018 | Reply

  2. The praise given to this shill by the Israeli prime minister is repulsive. It shows the Israeli/Zionist extent of control, of dominance over America and its foreign policy. That American politicians with dual citizenship can legislate 38 billion dollars and then some, as money for Israel for ten years is treason: it’s a legislated, “lawful” larceny. Did the American people vote this?

    And consider how this person and her directors have strangled the Palestinian trifle aid, have used their talk as a weapon.

    Currently, attention is given to the very probable assassinations by Saudi Arabia. How censored the assassinations and murders committed by Israel, how unknown does not make them vanish, make them not have been committed. The list and acts are a stain on America for not coming to the defense of those citizens how have been murdered. As to other than American citizens the list and acts are beyond extensive: they abound.

    And, as to the praise given and probably to follow, no matter how she is lauded and thanked, what she has done is to make America complicit in the crimes committed by Israel in the middle east.

    An evil is paraded as a virtue.

    Comment by michael | October 10, 2018 | Reply

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