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  1. Nazi prince Bernhard married to Dutch queen Juliana founded Bilderberg in 1954. I have always seen it as a effort of recolonisation by the West. Indonesia became independent in 1950.

    Five years earlier in 1945, president Sukarno signed- 17th August- the Indonesia Independence declaration after 350 years of Dutch holidays in the Archipel.


    Here is some (pre)historical in depth info about Indonesia with ´17 Revolutionary Findings From Indonesia’s 20,000 Year-Old Pyramid Could Rewrite History´

    Comment by Julien Romanovsky | January 2, 2019 | Reply

  2. India became Independent of Albion 15 august 1947. Here is a vid debunking the Aryan invasion of India.

    The Aryan invasion of India is a RotSchild fabrication to ´justify´ the British invasion of India.

    His aggressive comment in the vid´s beginning is understandable, since Egypt, Hebrews JC and what not are all whitewashed, are actually ´colonised´. Despite descriptions in the bible or clear imagery in pyramids etc.

    I gave a countercomment, reply (hidden) to the comment of Cynthia Mc LaglenAllen of 1 year ago in which I refer to the late Arysio Nunes dos Santos. He actually clarifies the total picture of human kinds past by bringing to light (above the water) `Plato´s Atlantis. P. was not hallucinating.

    In case the uploader of the vid removes the jr comment – could not find it while reviewing in the first place, but now it is there and yes, for how long?- since it gives an other perspective to the thread in his vid I show it here:

    Arysio Nunes dos Santos a Brazilian nuclear physicist, geologist and climatologist died in 2005, two months after the publication of his book Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found (in Indonesia). Atlantis was a continent of the size of presentday USA. 11.600 years ago due to a giant volcanic explosion (possibly the Krakatoa) millions of citizens of Atlantis were killed in the tsunami that followed a massive earthquake, but some fled to the Indus Valley area in India and Pakistan and other locations. His findings as a geologist were later confirmed by NOAA satelites. After Santos died the Gunung Padang pyramid (possibly 20.000 BC) at Java came into the news. 17 Revolutionary Findings From Indonesia’s 20,000 Year-Old Pyramid Could Rewrite History , visit:

    Us and Them / After all we´re all just ordinary men (PiFlo)

    Comment by Julien Romanovsky | January 2, 2019 | Reply

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