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How US plundered Persian antiquities to fill its museums

A golden vessel from Achaemenid era on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. (Photo via
Press TV – February 9, 2019

People around the world visit countless pieces of antiquities from the Persian Empire in different museums every day, without ever asking themselves how those relics ended up thousands of kilometers away from their home in Iran.

Mohammad Beheshti, head of Iran’s Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT), said in 2017 that almost all museums across the globe featured ancient Iranian relics.

Among those artworks, he said, were some 4,000 artifacts taken from Persepolis alone, the ancient Persian capital which was once called the “richest city under the sun.”

According to Beheshti, around 80 percent of the objects in the Arab World Museum in Paris also belonged to Iran.

Western governments have long tried to cover their involvement in the systematic plunder of Persian antiquities and archaeological finds.

While over the years, Iran has managed to repatriate some of the stolen relics, most of them still remain in possession of museums in the US and elsewhere, helping them generate millions of dollars in income.

Dr. Mohammad Gholi Majd, who has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University, has managed to shed more light on the manner in which the US government guided and assisted American museums in acquiring vast quantities of Iranian antiquities.

In his 2003 book “The Great American Plunder of Persia’s Antiquities 1925-1941,” Majd uses recently declassified US State Department records and other available sources to document this process.

Majd also describes “the looting of Persia’s mosques and shrines, the transfer of these religious artifacts to London, and the subsequent acquisition of some of the objects by such museums as the Metropolitan of New York,” according to one online review.

The author explains that the importance of the antiquities story in American-Persian relations has remained unrecognized and much more needs to be done in this regard.

You can find out more about Dr. Majd and his work in the links below:

‘WWI massacre of Iranians deliberately hushed’

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  1. I have long held, even as a teenager in the US reading National Geographic, the utmost opposition of western ‘museums’ displaying artifacts from ‘other’ countries. I have all of my life boycotted museums because of this and encourage everyone to do the same. Egypt especially has been looted for centuries…a crime and a curse upon the west only to exploit their evil deeds. I still wonder why Egypt allows western and Israeli ‘archeologists’ to continue this abomination. Jews are the worse whether it means to ‘replace’ said culture, or to claim dominance over said culture not only by theft but also by changing their history. Shame, shame on them and the curse be on them still. Syria’s Palmyra is just one of the latest, Iraq, Libya etc. not to mention the massive theft, plundering and wipe-out of Palestinian history, heritage and claim to the land. The truth is they can’t find “a trace” of so-called “chosen ones” except in Egypt, Iran and other ancient places where they were captives…and worse they make counterfeit so-called jewish artifacts and put them in self made, self promoted venues to self exploit revenue to make some kind of reality for themselves. FREE THE ME, FREE PALESTINE, FREE THE WORLD OF THE DOMINANCE AND INSANITY OF THE US/IS/NATO ARROGANCE.

    Comment by Sparrow | February 10, 2019 | Reply

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