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MSNBC host claims Putin helped BoJo become PM

RT | July 25, 2019

Boris Johnson’s political rise has been analyzed and dissected in plenty of ways since he landed in 10 Downing Street this week, but MSNBC put a particularly odd spin on his premiership, calling it a “big win” for Russia.

Recalling the US’ own debunked Russiagate “collusion” narrative, host of ‘The Last Word’ Lawrence O’Donnell dramatically declared that Russia had a hand in Johnson’s rise to power — but in true MSNBC fashion — offered exactly zero evidence to back up his outlandish claim.

“Like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson made it to the top of British politics with the help of Vladimir Putin and Russians who attacked the British voting system and helped deliver an electoral victory for Brexit.”

O’Donnell went on to remind viewers that 51.9 percent of British voters had chosen Brexit in a 2016 referendum, but added a large dollop of fake news, saying the outcome had been delivered “with Russian support.”

It was a reference to rubbished claims that Moscow had interfered in the Brexit vote by posting pro-Brexit messages and memes online. Both Twitter and Facebbok have dismissed the notion that Russian bots had anything to do with the Brexit outcome. Of course, that didn’t stop the fearless O’Donnell from telling his viewers that Russia had “attacked the British voting system” anyway.

Disinformation seems to be totally fine when it’s about Russia, well, according to MSNBC at least.

O’Donnell continued on his lengthy rant denouncing Johnson and Brexit; naturally, two ‘analysts’ were on hand to back up his baseless conspiracy theory.

Jeremy Bash, MSNBC’s ‘national security analyst’ and former chief of staff at the CIA told O’Donnell that there were “strong allegations that Russia interfered in the British selection of Brexit as their future path,” despite no such “strong allegations” actually existing.

Preferring to rely on the always trustworthy CIA, O’Donnell obviously hadn’t heard former deputy UK PM Nick Clegg say in a recent BBC Radio 4 interview that there is “absolutely no evidence” of Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.

Lawrence, like many of his MSNBC colleagues is known for concocting and revelling in extravagant Russia-related conspiracy theories. In 2017, he suggested that Vladimir Putin had orchestrated a chemical weapons attack in Syria to help out Trump by distracting his critics at home. Very reasonable indeed.

It’s not the first time a high-profile American has linked Johnson to Russia. In congressional hearings on Wednesday, Republican Devin Nunes asked former special counsel Robert Mueller if it was possible that the new UK PM had been “compromised” by Russia because of his appearance in a photograph with alleged spy Joseph Mifsud.

A recent Financial Times article also speculated that Johnson may be some kind of Kremlin agent due to his relationship with a Putin-hating Russian oligarch. Go figure.

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  1. Replace “Israel” with “Russia” and you have the truth. All this talk of “Russian” meddling is just a smokescreen for Jewish control of both the US and UK politicians (and Canada and France and Germany … ad nauseam). Just like “Russian mob” means “Jewish Russian mob”. It is a way to address the obvious manipulation and the unbelievable outcomes of these “elections” without naming the Jew. And since the media is owned and operated mostly by Jews — it isn’t a secret why they take great pains in hiding the machinations of Jews behind the scenes. Far better to let the clowns operating as front men take the fall while the Jews wring their hands in faux outrage over the turn of events.


    Comment by scars | July 25, 2019 | Reply

    • And, don’t forget, Al Jazeera got into trouble, and got lots of flak, for videoing Jewish “Influence peddlers” buying British politicians some time ago(as they do)…..And in the USA, “BDS” is becoming outlawed in a number of States, particularly in Florida, where the Governor, is more Pro Israel, than Benny Nutjobyahu.

      Anyone being Branded as “Anti-Semitic”, should counter this ridiculous label by claiming to be “Pro-American”.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. I used to religiously follow MSNBC. Now I can not bear the embarrassment of watching their news shows. BBC, PBS and FOX are not a whole lot better. I think back to when my wife had a serious health problem. I was sitting in the waiting room and saw an article in a medical journal that implied that our doctor was not up to snuff. My next move was to find the best specialist I could who commented, “at least they didn’t kill her”. (She recovered.) I feel this same way about the news – I know they are not that stupid – propagandist – one and all.


    Comment by GGH | July 25, 2019 | Reply

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