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The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier

By Craig Murray | November 12, 2019

We should never forget that all human deaths are tragedies. No human is perfect and none is completely evil. Even the most wretched, snivelling excuse of a human being you can possibly imagine – say Ian Austin – has known a mother’s love. Le Mesurier leaves a wife and children who will be mourning. We should not forget that.

Unfortunately he worked in a profession where you can very quickly move from an asset to a liability. Le Mesurier’s usefulness to Western security services, Israel and their Gulf allies came to an end when the jihadist headchoppers to whom Le Mesurier had been providing logistic support and invaluable propaganda, lost their last secure footing in Syria. That the White Helmets worked hand in glove with the extreme jihadists, and moved out wherever they moved out, is beyond dispute as a matter of fact, whatever the state of denial of the mainstream media. That there is now nowhere in Syria that people can go around executing Christians with impunity, and simultaneously now nowhere that the White Helmets can operate, is not the coincidence the mainstream media affect to believe. Some of them possibly do believe it. As a wise man once observed, it is amazing what people can believe when their job depends on it.

Having stopped being useful, Le Mesurier became much more of a liability after Turkey took over further control of former jihadist controlled areas in Northern Syria. The chances of Turkey obtaining both documentary and first person testamentary evidence of the relationship between the White Helmets, the jihadists, and western and allied intelligence services increased substantially. Indeed I have reason to believe Turkey may already have done so. His potential liability to his former employers ratcheted up. This resulted in his death. Whether he was killed or took his own life from the resultant stress, I have no information at present.

As regular readers know I have excellent contacts in Turkey of precisely the right kind. Leading a life a great deal more complicated than just being a blogger, I regret that I have been unable to date to tell you the full truth of what I was doing in Ankara in December 2017, and probably will not be able to tell you for a year or two yet. I will now try to get further information from my contacts on Le Mesurier, but please understand it may not be instant.

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  1. ” I will now try to get further information from my contacts on Le Mesurier, but please understand it may not be instant.”

    no rush.
    no one cares.

    sometimes you get what you deserve
    what you deserve is the end.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | November 12, 2019 | Reply

  2. To do the things that Le Mesurier has done, over a long period of time, means he is a Psychopath. His death has made the World a better place. Regretably, there are many many more of his ilk within the British and American hierarchy, ready, willing and able to Kill for a big pay day…..Don’t worry about his family. How many families has he destroyed?


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | November 12, 2019 | Reply

  3. This seems disturbingly offkey from the Craig Murry I typically admire without reservation.

    I would never for one instant regret the death of Benjamin Netanyahu/Satanyahu. Nor would he regret my death. So be it. (Similarly, I waited for years for word — finally — of the death of Ariel Bulldozer Sharon. And there are so many more Zionists….)


    Comment by roberthstiver | November 12, 2019 | Reply

    • You cant kill a Vampire…..


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | November 13, 2019 | Reply

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