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Takeover of Venezuela’s embassy in Brazil timed to coincide with launch of BRICS summit – Russia

RT | November 13, 2019

The seizure of Venezuela’s embassy in Brasilia was not only an attack on the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, but also an attempt to sow discord between the BRICS member states, Russia’s Deputy FM told RT.

The Wednesday storming on the diplomatic mission by the supporters of US-backed Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido was “planned before and timed that it coincided with the first day of BRICS summit,” Sergey Ryabkov said.

It took place on the same day as the leaders of Russia, China, India and South Africa arrived to the Brazilian capital for the high-profile BRICS summit. Members of the block, which unites the world’s largest emerging economics, have quite different views on the crisis in Venezuela. Moscow and Beijing are backing Maduro as the democratically-elected president, while Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro said he recognized Guaido as Venezuelan leader.

The incident at the embassy shows that those who push for regime change in Caracas will “use and abuse every opportunity to pursue their goals,” the deputy foreign minister said, vowing that Moscow will “disclose the actual intentions of those people.”

The fact that some “unknown persons” were able to make their way into a diplomatic mission “creates questions on how effective the law enforcers in Brazil were,” Ryabkov pointed out.

The Venezuelan opposition supporters remain inside the embassy in Brasilia, with Bolsonaro saying he was looking for ways to restore order without provoking violence.

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  1. “NEW INFO: Morales ousted 1 week after he said NO to foreign corporations and Bolivian lithium
    I gotta say, there was NOTHING going on in Bolivia as far as I knew, and then one day, POOF, Morales was gone. How about that? Come on now, let’s ask a question here:
    Did you hear any news of protests against the Bolivian president running up to his ouster, or was it, for you, just news of POOF, HE’S GONE?

    Even in Mexico I never heard of it. As far as I knew, Bolivia was cruising along happy, and then suddenly there were rebels who ousted Morales. “Rebels” wearing the same getup as the blackwater goons who actually did the Boston bombing, skull and all. ONE WEEK after Morales said “no” to the lithium, we’ll mine it ourselves and sell it to you. How about that!

    “Coincidence” can really be revealing, can’t it?

    That said, most likely the NSA had intelligence on Morales discussing the move ahead of time, gave out the proper notifications, and then, on cue, already staged, Blackwater pounced. A good theory that probably has no “conspiracy” in it at all.”


    Comment by Leland Roth | November 13, 2019 | Reply

    • There’s been a whole lot going on there.

      Morales represents the indigenous majority that have been dominated for half a millennium.

      It’s as though five hundred years from now the Palestinians elected a president in “Israel” only for him to be deposed by the Jewish minority… and then outsiders come along and suppose it’s all about some resource deal.


      Comment by aletho | November 14, 2019 | Reply

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