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  1. I wended my way through this loooong piece primarily because I have respect for the general fare of Dissident Voice and its moderator/editor Angie Tibbs, and Ms. Riben seems to have a long history in the field w/good bona fides; I’ve “liked” it on those admittedly tenuous bases. At two very quick scans, I can’t find a cohesive, convincing thread that justifies her title question. Is she merely setting out both sides of a controversial industry? I guess that for me the bottom line is that I wish I had time to link to this reference: “Surrogacy: Why the world needs rules for ‘selling’ babies” — and scan it. In general, I guess I’d opine (i) adoption, done right, is admirable; (ii) surrogacy, done very right and very carefully, appears to be an option that should not be foreclosed to conscientious/honorable/ethical prospective parents.

    I’m hoping for other readers’ input…if I’m wishy-washy or otherwise effed up, let me know!


    Comment by roberthstiver | July 12, 2020 | Reply

  2. It is wrong, Robert. It is dehumanizing and against nature. Society should support families that allow children to be able to be raised by their biological parents – both their own mom and dad. The traditional family is the natural ideal family structure for the interests of the child. I understand some people really want a child and have money to pay, but some things must never be for sale – gestation, sexuality, organs are among these.

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    Comment by 4justice | July 14, 2020 | Reply

  3. Thanks…appreciated!

    Still, there are always shades and degrees and valid, “humanizing” exceptions…because paid/exploitative surrogacy is “wrong,” does it follow then that *all* surrogacy is “wrong”? I must wonder about a hypothetical: what if there are two sisters, one who for some biological reason can have her egg fertilized naturally by her husband but cannot carry a fetus through nine months of pregnancy. If her sister, out of love and compassion, would agree to have the fertilized egg removed from her sibling and introduced into her own womb for eventual birth and placement of the baby into her sibling’s/the sibling’s husband’s loving arms and rearing, would not that act of “surrogacy” be far from “wrong”?

    Am I splitting hairs? Did the above essay perhaps address my hypothetical and I simply missed it? At 76 yo, I’m far from passionate on the issue…just idle curiosity….


    Comment by roberthstiver | July 14, 2020 | Reply

  4. I think our society is too quick to offer superficial tech fixes. If you are infertile, maybe it is better for you, the child in question and society that you learn to accept it. Like the article said, it is not trivial for the baby to be separated from the person it developed within, the person it knows best in the world.

    There is always the good, compelling story to make it accepted and legal and then the for-profit industry takes it from there. In vitro fertilization routinely or perhaps always results in the destruction of fertilized embryos – maybe that is not a problem for you, but if we get used to such a callous way of treating the sacred creation of a unique human life, will it lead to other ways of devaluing human life? Say like putting covid recovering patients in old folks homes to cull the old and get the covid death numbers up? (NY, NJ, PA did this. It is eldercide.) Or the auto company choosing to settle death lawsuits rather than pay for the recall that would prevent the deaths? Or the Sacklers pushing opioids onto the public?

    It seems very humane to micro-chip your pet in case they get lost, but are you doing the test work to set the stage for human chipping and tracking 24/7?

    Birth control is very good for certain cases where say a wife of a loving committed couple would endanger her life if she were to get pregnant, but then it is brought in to disconnect sexuality from the parenting and thus emotional commitment responsibilities that come with it. Sex without responsibility then leads to more unwanted pregnancies and then, sorry, we need to legalize abortion of the healthy developing fetus. It also ends up putting many women and men into an emotional meat grinder leading to bitterness, mistrust and emotional damage. The porn industry proliferates and normalizes more and more degrading “styles” around sexuality and so goes what I call the degradation of our society…

    GMO foods were going to feed the world they said, but it was really to be able to patent and control the seed market and agriculture input market.

    We need to be very thoughtful about the technologies that we accept and are allowed to be proliferated.

    Even surgeries are life saving in many cases, but then the industry promotes surgery instead of prevention such as with heart disease. Atherosclerosis can be reversed with diet. This “treatment” is way more effective and has way less risks. I am not anti-technology or anti-medical intervention, but risks, benefits and ethical implications all need to be considered Financially conflicted “experts” cannot be trusted to decide for us treatments for us or our children such as chemo or vaccines nor the regulations and laws governing the trade they profit from.

    Don’t even get me started on vaccines!

    Anyhow, much more to consider, but this is a comment, not an essay. All the best to you!


    Comment by 4justice | July 14, 2020 | Reply

    • Thanks again — excellent!

      OK, I won’t start you on vaccines…but I still sport my smallpox-vaccination scar on my mid-left thigh, and I’m dam’ glad it’s there!

      (It’s Bastille Day…liberte, egalite, fraternite — wondering if those terms have anything to do with anything at all on this or myriad other posts or life situations.)


      Comment by roberthstiver | July 14, 2020 | Reply

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