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Jewish fanatics attack Palestinian family in al-Khalil city

Israeli soldiers arrest members of the victimized family

Palestine Information Center – August 2, 2020

AL-KHALIL – A horde of extremist Jewish settlers on Saturday evening assaulted, under military protection, the family of Palestinian activist Imad Abu Shamshiya in Tel Rumeida neighborhood in al-Khalil city, south of the West Bank.

According to local sources, a group of settlers attacked the house of anti-settlement activist Abu Shamshiya before Israeli soldiers intervened in favor of the settlers and rounded up his wife, his daughter Arwa and his son Awni.

The house of Abu Shamshiya is located near the illegal settlement of Ramat Yeshai, which was built on annexed land near an Israeli military checkpoint.

The house and family of Abu Shamsiya had been exposed to attacks by settlers and soldiers several times before in an attempt to force them to leave the area.

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  1. “Israel. The only Democracy in the Middle East”, where the Hebrews are allowed to do anything they like, to the Palestinians!……..It’s the democracy you have, when you don’t have a Democracy………..!!

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    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 2, 2020 | Reply

  2. Damn them, Damn them, Damn All militant/political Zionist thugs! And God damn my America, indirectly or directly complicit in every aspect of the satanic Zionist Enterprise/Project!

    “The house and family of Abu Shamsiya”: sumud!!!

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    Comment by roberthstiver | August 3, 2020 | Reply

    • “America, indirectly or directly complicit”……When you own the Financial system….you can do anything you want…..”money talks”……and everyone needs/loves money

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 3, 2020 | Reply

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