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Twitter removes mask guidance from White House Covid-19 adviser, claiming it violated policies on ‘misleading information’

RT | October 18, 2020

Twitter has removed a tweet from White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Scott Atlas questioning the effectiveness of mask mandates, claiming the message violated the platform’s Covid-19 Misleading Information Policy.

“Twitter seems to be censoring the science if it goes against their own goals of public indoctrination,” Atlas told Newsweek on Sunday about his tweet being removed.

In the original tweet, Atlas wrote, “Masks work? NO,” before citing various examples and quotes from health officials pushing back against the protection face coverings can provide.

The information cited included details of various places that have seen Covid-19 cases rise despite mask mandates, as well as quotes from both the World Health Organization and Dr. Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal’s Evidence-Based Medicine publication.

“It would appear that despite two decades of pandemic preparedness, there is considerable uncertainty as to the value of wearing masks,” Dr. Heneghan said of face coverings.

In a subsequent tweet, Dr. Atlas made it clear he was not arguing against masks, but instead was saying they are only effective in situations where one is around people at a high risk of getting Covid-19, or where one cannot social distance.

A Twitter spokesperson still said the tweet violated their policy on distributing misleading information about Covid-19. Twitter’s policy specifically targets tweets the company says could lead to harm. It flags “statements or assertions that have been confirmed to be false or misleading by subject-matter experts, such as public health authorities.”

Dr. Atlas is a neuroradiologist and a Robert Wesson senior fellow at the Hoover Institution who joined the coronavirus task force in August.

Twitter has also flagged tweets from the president in the past which it claimed had violated the platform’s Covid-19 policies.

Atlas has appealed the decision to remove his tweet and will be unable to post again while his appeal is under review.

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  1. Is twitter censoring free speech? Or has Twitter taken on a parenting role? Or are twitter twits so dumb that they shouldn’t be allowed to decide for themselves what to believe?


    Comment by marymtf | October 18, 2020 | Reply

  2. All this b.s. about censoring. Platforms (Cable TV, Facebook, Twitter…) censor Palestine all the time, via omission, commission, disinformation, lies…no one (or very few) seem to condemn this blatant, hypocritcal practice. Until all crisis (inflection) points are treated with equal objectivity, I say a pox on all their houses.

    (Does Atlas, an evident “expert” in areas not studied or experienced by him, have any brief for the Palestinians? I’d like to see him weigh in. I might give him credence for being an all-round advocate for controversial or buried causes….)


    Comment by roberthstiver | October 18, 2020 | Reply

    Here is a simple exercise anyone can do and they will get the EXACT number of deaths in their area in 2020 compared to 2019.
    Ask your local funeral director, “Have you been busier in 2020, with the COVID 19 virus, than you were in 2019”?
    The answer I got was, “No great difference”!
    Maybe with all the propaganda about pandemics, people are scared shitless!
    This is bad for your health!
    I believe GEOENGINEERING and the spraying from planes have caused more damage than any virus!
    Take your Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and a good multivitamin! Eat well and sleep well!


    So you’re takin’ better care of your body
    Becoming more aware of your body.
    Responding to your body’s needs.
    Everything you hear and read about diets,
    Nutrition and sleeping position and detoxifying your system,
    And buying machines that they advertise to help you exercise.
    Herbs to revitalize you if you’re traumatized.
    Soaps that will sanitize.
    Sprays to deordorize.
    Liquid to neutralize acids and pesticides.
    Free weights to maximize your strength and muscle size.
    Shots that will immunize.
    Pills to re-energize you.

    But remember that for all your pain and gain
    Eventually the story ends the same…
    You can quite smokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
    Cut out cokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
    Eliminate everything fatty or fried,
    And you get real healthy, but you’re still gonna die.
    Stop drinkin’ booze, you’re still gonna die.
    Stay away from cooze, you’re still gonna die.
    You can cut out coffee and never get high,
    But you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    You can even give aerobics one more try,
    But when the music stops playin’, you’re still gonna die.
    Put seat belts in your car, you’re still gonna die.
    Cut nicotine tar, you’re still gonna die.
    You can exercise that cellulite off your thigh.
    Get slimmer and trimmer, but you’re still gonna die.
    Stop gettin’ a tan, you’re still gonna die.
    You can search for UFO’s up in the sky
    They might fly you to Mars where you’re still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    And all the Reeboks and Nikes and Adidas you buy
    You can jog up to heaven and you’re still gonna die.

    Drink ginseng tonics, you’re still gonna die.
    Try high colonics, you’re still gonna die.
    You can have yourself frozen and suspended in time,
    But when they do thaw you out, you’re still gonna die.
    You can have safe sex, you’re still gonna die.
    You can switch to Crest, you’re still gonna die.
    You can get rid of stress, get a lot of rest,
    Get an AIDS test, enroll in EST,
    Move out west where it’s sunny and dry
    And you’ll live to be a hundred
    But you’re still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    So you’d better have some fun
    ‘Fore you say bye-bye,
    ‘Cause you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.

    Shel Silverstein


    Comment by Dave Rubin | October 22, 2020 | Reply

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