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American Bases Overrun in Vietnam

Tales of the American Empire | March 18, 2021

Soon after American combat troops arrived in Vietnam, a strategy debate began. One faction wanted American combat forces to only protect large cities and dispatch units to rural areas only when enemy forces converged to battle local forces. American aid would focus on improving the economic infrastructure and local militia forces. Another faction favored securing all of southern Vietnam with hundreds of American bases. This “search and destroy” strategy was selected because most American Generals favored offensive operations. Yet each base required clean water, electricity, security, and frequent resupply, which required guarding bridges, road mine clearing, weekly convoys and helicopter runs. This was expensive, required much manpower, left forces dispersed, provided ample targets for the enemy, and alienated the population with frequent combat operations that caused much death and destruction. Small bases with artillery covered their area and supported adjacent bases to rain heavy firepower upon the enemy within minutes. These firebases were effective and hundreds of attacks were repelled. However, bases were vulnerable to surprise attacks so constant patrolling was required around each base. This allowed enemy forces inflict casualties with mines and ambushes. In several cases, the enemy quickly amassed forces who overran American bases.


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  1. “I refuse to believe that a little forth rate power like North Vietnam does not have a breaking point”….Henry(War Criminal)Kissinger

    “The North Vietnamese used their armed forces the way a Bullfighter uses his cape, to keep us lunging in areas of marginal political importance”(Kissinger, in hindsight)

    And if you want to know what Kissinger thought about the American soldiers fighting his war……..”Military men are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy”)………and 58,600 American soldiers died, and around 160,000 were injured in “The American War” in Vietnam.

    Kissinger was Jointly awarded a Nobel Peace Prize(and $100,000) after it was all over(and the USA, Australia, and other allies went home defeated). Kissinger accepted his NPP without any problem at all. Vietnam’s Lee Duc To, refused his NPP(and his $100,000)

    When he dies, the Devil will welcome Kissinger into Hell…….We can only hope that he gets what he deserves……


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | March 22, 2021 | Reply

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