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11 Million School-Age Children To Be Vaccinated By Autumn

By Richie Allen | March 24, 2021

The Telegraph claims that it has seen provisional government plans to begin vaccinating children as early as August. Two sources told the paper, that August is the earliest that children under-18 could receive a vaccine.

Oxford University is currently trialling covid vaccines on children. Safety data is expected sometime in June or July. If the data is positive, the government will roll-out the jabs for children.

It has been estimated that at the current vaccination rate, roughly three million jabs a week, most of the country’s 11 million schoolchildren could be vaccinated before the Autumn term.

Government advisers are keen to vaccinate every child in the country, claiming it’s the best way to limit the spread of infection. Critics point to the fact that the virus barely brushes children. Kids are unlikely to contract covid-19 and those who do, rarely fall ill.

In fact, the government admitted last week, that children returning to school has not led to a rise in infections. Of the 2,762,775 lateral flow tests that were carried out on secondary pupils since they went back, just 1,324 were positive, according to the first official figures.

That’s right. Millions of tests were given to secondary school children and only 0.05 per cent of them tested positive for the virus. Kids don’t get it. Kids don’t carry it. Kids don’t pass it on.

So why vaccinate them? Why vaccinate anyone? UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty admitted last night that most people who get covid have mild or no symptoms. “It’s very difficult to find” he said.

No sane parent would allow their child receive an experimental treatment for an illness that presents no risk whatsoever to children.

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