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Inventing Pretexts to Bash Russia

By Stephen Lendman | April 9, 2021

Establishment media provide press agent services for US imperial interests.

Russia bashing again surfaced in support of political nobody, convicted embezzler Navalny.

Along with grand theft of millions of dollars for self-enrichment, he’s unindicted but guilty of sedition, serving as a CIA/NED asset, and operating as an unregistered US foreign agent — a nation waging war on Russia by other means that could turn hot by accident or intent.

Navalny got off easily. Instead of longterm imprisonment for betraying his country and grand theft, he was sentenced to 2.8 years imprisonment.

He’s interned in central Russia about 80 miles from Moscow.

According to the lying machine NYT, his imprisonment “poses a lethal risk to his health (sic).”

Calling him Putin’s “preeminent political opponent” reinvented reality, a Times specialty.

So is serial lying. Last summer en route to Moscow, he fell ill from a metabolic disorder, what Russian doctors diagnosed when treating and stabilizing him.

No “poisoning with a military nerve agent” occurred, no “assassination attempt,” no attempt to harm him in any way.

Just the opposite! Russian doctors saved him from what may have been severe hypoglycemia, or insulin shock, a serious health risk for anyone with diabetes like Navalny.

Nearly a week ago, he began hunger-striking over alleged failure by prison authorities to provide medical treatment sought.

On Monday, prison doctors diagnosed a respiratory ailment. In response, he was moved to an infirmary for treatment.

If poisoned by a military grade nerve agent, he’d have died in minutes.

If Russia wanted him dead, he’d have been eliminated long ago.

Despite his criminality and overall unacceptable action, Moscow respects the rule of law — polar opposite how the US-dominated West operates, waging endless wars on humanity at home and abroad.

Navalny fully recovered, returned to Moscow voluntarily, was arrested for violating terms of his suspended sentence, and is paying the price.

He warrants no leniency, sympathy, or support for his criminality.

Establishment media backing is all about inventing any pretext to bash Russia and Vladimir Putin personally — a preeminent world leader in stark contract to his unindicted Western counterparts for crimes of war, against humanity, and other criminality too serious to ignore.

Turning reality on its head like the Times, WaPo falsely claimed Navalny is being “slowly killed” by Russia (sic).

His temperature is slightly elevated at 100.5. He’s coughing, and may be suffering from a respiratory illness.

Saying he’ll continue hunger-striking despite being ill makes him responsible if his condition worsens.

Former US political prisoner Maria Butina visited Navalny’s prison ward with an RT camera crew, saying the following:

“I’m tired of the complaining. He is in one of the best penal colonies in Russia.”

His treatment is polar opposite Butina’s horrific ordeal — imprisoned and brutally mistreated for being a Russian national in police state USA at the wrong time.

US dirty war on Russia by other means takes many forms — including politicized arrests, imprisonments, and brutal mistreatment under harsh gulag conditions.

Arrested by the FBI in July 2018, Butina was detained without bond and falsely charged with operating as an unregistered Russian agent — a bald-faced Big Lie.

At the time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced her arrest, detention, and mistreatment, calling it part of (a US) campaign to “stoke Russophobic hysteria.”

Despite innocent of bogus charges against her and posing no flight risk, she was denied bail, largely held in suffocating solitary confinement, and given no proper medical care – aiming to break her will by gross mistreatment.

Numerous other Russian nationals languish unjustly in Washington’s gulag longterm — guilty of nothing but their “wrong” nationality.

A Final Comment

Last October, Russia’s OPCW representative Alexander Shuglin said the following:

Despite unjustifiable demands by Russophobic Western officials, Moscow “does not owe anything to anybody” in response to groundless accusations of poisoning Navalny, adding:

“We do not need to explain ourselves to (Western officials) and we are not going to.”

“Until we receive documents, materials, samples, physical evidence that – as alleged by those accusing us – proving that a toxic agent was found in Alexei Navalny’s tests, until they sit down at the negotiating table with us for an engaged expert-level dialogue, we will treat everything that is going on in the context of this incident as a vociferous propaganda campaign of lies, or, simply, a low-grade provocation.”

To the present day, Russia never received information it requested from Berlin where Navalny was treated —nothing in cahoots with US dark forces to unacceptably bash Russia, part of their long war by other means.

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  1. Huzzahs for Mr. Lendman’s intrepid reporting!

    Viva Russia!


    Comment by roberthstiver | April 10, 2021 | Reply

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