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Canada Government To Pay Influencers To Promote Vaccines

By Jared James | MPN | April 9, 2021

This seems crazy, but as this rolls out, you will begin to see more and more influencers that you may want to unfollow and have nothing to do with anymore. Over the past year (and much longer for many people), people all around the world have realized that the celebrities they idolize… the doctors, nurses and “medical professionals” that they thought were honest and cared about their health… the politicians who they thought had the public’s best interest at heart… ARE LYING TO THEM!

The Canadian Government has announced they will pay ‘influencers’ to promote Covid vaccines.

We really are separating the wheat from the chaff.

We already know over 1,000 companies we may want to consider boycotting, as mentioned in this story.

(Entrepreneurs might want to consider creating a better alternative to ANY of the companies mentioned in that above article. MILLIONS of Patriots would likely support it, if they knew about it. Don’t make excuses. Make things better)

We now know more than ever how many politicians, news anchors, media outlets and on and on and on are actually corrupt.

So use this as an opportunity to become more aware of how “their” system of control works. Knowing how it works is a big part of winning!

We can’t change something if we’re not aware of it.

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