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An Urgent Warning To The World

Perspectives on the Pandemic | April 21, 2021

Two of the experimental gene-based injections have been paused or halted, and reports of clotting, stroke, anaphylaxis, miscarriage, Bell’s Palsy, and a host of other neurologic and auto-immune disorders plague the others. And those are just the short-term risks.

Has all humanity been enrolled in a vast and unimaginably dangerous phase-three clinical trial without our informed consent? All for a disease that for the overwhelming majority of us is, officially, 99.7% or better survivable… if we even get it?

Dr. Mike Yeadon, formerly a Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer, believes the big experiment is well under way, and that the hypothesis it seeks to prove is as bold as it is terrible.

A cogent and clear thinker who has been attacked in proportion to his qualifications, Dr. Yeadon, at great personal risk, issues a chilling warning, not just about the grave dangers surrounding the injections, but about the looming threat of digital health “passports” that will take inexorable control over every aspect of our lives.

If we allow them.

We have been warned.

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Episode list

Episode 1: Dr. John Ioannidis
Episode 2: Knut Wittkowski
Episode 3: Dr. David L. Katz
Episode 4: Dr. John Ioannidis update
Episode 5: Knut Wittkowski update
Episode 6: The Bakersfield doctors (Dan Erickson & Dr. Antin Massihi)
Episode 7: Investigative journalist Sam Husseini
Episode 8 – The monopoly edition (Matt Stoller)
Episode 9 – The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse
Episode 10 – Judy Mikovits & Robert Kennedy Jr. Part 1
Episode 11 – Judy Mikovits & Robert Kennedy Jr. Part 2
Episode 12 – Judy Mikovits & Robert Kennedy Jr. Part 3
Episode 13 – The illusion of evidence-based medicine (Leemon McHenry)
Episode 14 – Catching up with Knut Wittkowski, PhD
Episode 15 – Blood clots and beyond (Sucharit Bhakd)
Episode 16 – An Urgent Warning to the World (Mike Yeadon)

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  1. They did and knew what they were doing and no accident and Governments paid them the peoples money to do it and are all guilty of Genocide on all Humanity and all you have to do is take Bill Gates own Word for it


    Comment by wteach64 | April 26, 2021 | Reply

  2. And they knowingly used an over-amplified PCR test that the very inventor said was giving false positives and they knew it and are being sued for it but the courts have become complicit and are pact frauds and useful idiots for the Bilderberg Group who also control all Banking


    Comment by wteach64 | April 26, 2021 | Reply

  3. And it is all with criminal intent and not covered under immunity


    Comment by wteach64 | June 4, 2021 | Reply

  4. And there is NO evidence there is even a sars2 COVID Virus to start with and another report is a virus could have been released in a Wisconsin Lab and people should listen to Dr. Judy Mikovits and see what they did to her but she still fights to expose these criminals that run our medical system


    Comment by wteach64 | June 4, 2021 | Reply

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