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Hancock: “Very Significant Flu Vaccine Drive This Winter!”

By Richie Allen | June 22, 2021

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that flu will come out of retirement this Winter. This morning the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that plans are afoot for a “significant flu vaccination drive this Winter, to protect the NHS.”

Speaking to Times Radio Breakfast, Hancock said:

“We are worried about flu this winter because people’s natural immunity will be lower because we haven’t had any serious flu for 18 months now. We had a difficult winter in 2019, we didn’t have flu at all really this last winter because of the restrictions that were in place for Covid. So, it is something we are worried about.

We are are going to have a very significant flu vaccination drive this autumn – potentially at the same time you might get your Covid booster jab and your flu jab at the same time, we are testing whether that can be done.

We do need to make sure we protect the NHS this coming winter. We have got time to do the preparation for that now, though, and make sure we are as vaccinated as possible, because that is the way to keep people safe.”

Hancock may well go down as the greatest liar in all history. I wonder what do they have on him? Of course flu never disappeared. That’s a double whopper with cheese and bacon. Flu was simply rebranded Covid-19. That’s not to say that I am claiming that Covid-19 doesn’t exist. I’ve never said that. How could I know?

But flu doesn’t just disappear because of social distancing. A cough or a sneeze travels 25 feet remember. Masks are useless. Flu thrives when people stay inside for prolonged periods, in poorly ventilated homes. Those are facts. Flu never went away. People with flu were told that they had covid-19 after submitting themselves for a redundant PCR test.

Winter is going to be fun then. The pressure to take a flu jab and a covid booster will be immense. Will those who submit to the jabs have more freedom over the Winter months? Probably.

While appearing on SKY News this morning, Hancock repeated that vaccines are the only way back to freedom and the only way to protect the NHS. This morning, just as every other morning, the car park next to the vaccination centre in Salford is full.

I run past it every day. Each time I do, my heart sinks.

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  1. O Yes You should have seen that coming in the beginning and all I can say is take it and all their so-called Vaccines and Flu shot failures themselves because the overwhelming majority has already spoken on this and refused the jab and in America the Majority still Rule


    Comment by wteach64 | June 23, 2021 | Reply

  2. All I can say is take your mask and Corp. Poison and shove it


    Comment by wteach64 | June 23, 2021 | Reply

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