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Banned by the Twitter Totalitarians

By Rob Slane | The Blog Mire | July 23, 2021

I have just been handed my second stint in the Social Media Outer Darkness by the Twitter Totalitarians. The first was because I told the truth about the experimental gene therapies masquerading as vaccines, particularly the fact that they have not completed the clinical trials (which they haven’t), and that they are causing a huge amount of adverse reactions and deaths (which they are). On that occasion I was slapped on the wrist for 12 hours, but this time — presumably to teach me a lesson good and proper — the sentence has been increased to a whole week. Will it be the death sentence next?

And the crime m’lud? This was the Tweet that did it:

“The “Covid emergency” is a manufactured crisis, held up by 2 monumental lies: Asymptomatic Transmission + Fraudulent PCR Tests. The “Pingdemic” is thus part of the same manufactured crisis. Remember that when you struggle to put food on the table.”

Bearing in mind that they allow all sorts of scandalous, libelous, hateful content on their platform, which part of this in particular did the Twitter Totalitarians think was unpalatable? Note that I did not dispute the existence of a respiratory illness, which has proved deadly to some people. What I did was to state that a “crisis” was manufactured, chiefly by the use of two falsehoods, one being the claim that healthy people with no symptoms transmit the illness to others, and the other that the RT-PCR test can diagnose infection.

On the first point, numerous studies, along with basic common sense, show that so-called asymptomatic transmission is a myth (see here and here). On the second, this document details conclusively why the RT-PCR test is unfit for use as a clinical diagnostic tool, and on one of the rare occasions this has been allowed to be tested in court, the judgement of a Portuguese court showed beyond doubt that the test is unable to detect infection and therefore not fit for purpose. Yet the Lockdowns, the masking, the bizarre restrictions, the anti-social distancing and everything else has been based on these two lies.

As for the rest of the Tweet, well the so-called Pingdemic, which magically started happening big-time on what was billed as “Freedom Day”, is downstream from these two monumental rivers of lies. The pinging of the app to tell people to self-isolate, which has then been causing whole businesses to close, is the result of the fraudulent tests and the absurd idea that people who aren’t ill can spread the illness they haven’t got. As for the food shortages? There are indeed signs of these starting to occur, and of course if they do happen on a big scale they will be blamed like everything else on Covid! Except it won’t be Covid, but the utterly unnecessary pinging of an unnecessary app, telling people to do unnecessary things, because of a manufactured crisis based on false claims.

The walls are not just closing in free speech; more than that they are closing in on truth-telling. It has been very noticeable that those getting censored have been people who have used facts and truth to challenge the manufactured crisis we’ve experienced since the start of 2020. The purpose of that manufactured crisis has been to lead humanity to a hideous dystopian Biosecurity State, run by Global Technocrats. The purpose of the censorship is to stop those who would hinder the creation of this Transhumanist Hellhole. If you can’t see either of these things yet, it really is time to wake up, since you too will have to live in the nightmare they are building for us.

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  1. Yes, you write the truth, but the truth is that the truth is not the real truth. The real truth is that you are trying to kill my grandpa whether it is true or not. You should truely not be offended when we truly remove the truth that is not the truth because the truth is not so true anymore.

    And the fact that you want to point out a fact that may be fact or not, the real fact is that you wouldn’t write that fact if it wouldn’t be for the fact that you want to kill my grandpa, which is not a fact but that is also not a fact and therefore it is still a fact.

    We all know that the truth either hurts or sets you free. It is completely obvious in which category your truths fit in. And you don’t have the right to do so.

    Now you understand?


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | July 24, 2021 | Reply

  2. Is there anything more pathetic than keyboard warriors posting their goggle screened sanctimonious agenda on twatter, fecesbook, ewetueb and the rest of the insane garbage that passes for anti-social media and then bemoaning the fact that such sewers and sheeple herding memory hole shills “ban” said postings because they don’t fulfill the corpofascist agenda of woke idiot musings that currently passes for the framed narrative in our covaids transgender mutant madhouse. If you don’t like the electro filth of the kakistocracy….don’t humor it, don’t use it and NEVER EVER mention it. Do you people even understand the concept of boycott and where the word came from?


    Comment by Martillo | July 24, 2021 | Reply

  3. I have been Banned from Twitter for almost 2 years and don’t miss them and in fact don’t use FB and don’t buy anything from Amazon and get what ever I need and I won’t help Finance Nazis


    Comment by wteach64 | July 25, 2021 | Reply

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