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It’s not too late to say No

By Elephant City | TCW Defending Freedom | August 5, 2021

ON July 29, the mainstream media in the United States admitted that the vaccines had failed. Not in so many words, but they might as well have. The Washington Post concluded: ‘It’s hard to do, but we have to become comfortable with coronavirus not going away.’

What changed?

Well, to start with, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report showing that fully vaccinated people transmit the virus and carry viral loads similar to those unvaccinated. This was hard on the heels of data from Israel, the UK, Iceland and Gibraltar showing that high vaccination rates did nothing to prevent widespread Covid outbreaks.

Of course, for those who get their information from non-mainstream sources, this comes as no surprise. We’ve watched the narrative turned on its head in just a few short months. To refresh your memory, here’s the evolution:

April 2021

Vaccines are 92 per cent effective against infection and 100 per cent effective at preventing serious disease. They are safe. Get your shots and you’re good for life.

June 2021

There are rare breakthrough cases, but the vaccines still protect against serious disease. There are very rare complications, but the vaccines are generally safe. Get your shots and you’re good for life.

Early July 2021

The variants are causing breakthrough cases. The vaccines generally protect against serious illness. The vaccines cause myocarditis and other serious complications. Efficiency wanes after several months but you don’t need a booster.

Late July 2021

Variants cause breakthrough cases and vaccinated people carry high viral loads. The vaccines may protect against the most severe cases. The vaccines cause myocarditis, GBS and several other serious complications. The most vulnerable and the elderly will need booster shots.

If the present trend lines continue, what’s next?

How about: Vaccines make it more likely you’ll contract Covid. If you are infected, vaccines make it more likely that you will suffer serious illness or die. The vaccines cause life-changing injuries in many people. You will need booster shots every few months.

If you’re still considering taking a vaccine, you should think carefully about what you’re getting into. When you take a Covid vaccine, you’re taking the first step down a path. With each step down the path, it gets harder to retreat. We know that there’s a point of no return. Once you cross it, you’ll be entirely dependent on regular Covid vaccines for life and you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place: If you don’t get your shots every few months, you’ll die from the latest variant as soon as the antibody bump from your last shot wears off. But, if you keep taking the shots, your body will slowly (or not so slowly) become riddled with micro-thrombi (blood clots), and that condition will kill you in a few years. We don’t know where the point of no return is, but we do know this: The sooner you bale out from the vaccine path, the better your chance of being able to return to natural health and immunity.

Most importantly, think about what this means for your children. If there’s a one in 100 chance of serious adverse events for the mRNA vaccines, do you want your child to face two shots a year for the rest of his/her life? And what if the chance of serious complications is additive?

It’s not too late to say No.

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