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  1. To one more flag waving Amerikan who lectured me about a certain exceptionalism of the Chosen at a digital forum I simply replied it may be time to give all this ideological grandstanding away. No god, no chosen race, no nationalism, no worries. I believe in Kultur a la Schiller et. al. Schelling and just got through Hegel’s phenomenology of the Geist. Mind diving at its best. Even if a little strange. But the there is always Kant. Point being -then- a great era that got lost in a quagmire of self induced ideologies which led to all the traumas of the twentieth century. A hybrid entanglement with the English romantics and German idealists plus the Parisian Salons and Europe might have been brilliant. Instead what it is not. Anything. The US with CTR is another fracture in civil society. Strange vectors are splintering the Occident. Entities like Klaus Schwab and the Golem $oro$. Interesting times as the Chinese say. Excellent summation,


    Comment by almostvoid | August 26, 2021 | Reply

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