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Report: US plans Arab-Israeli maritime unit in Persian Gulf for proxy missions

Press TV – September 11, 2021

A new report says a recent decision by the US Navy’s 5th Fleet to launch a drone task force is a step towards the establishment of a joint maritime unit comprising Persian Gulf Arab countries and Israel for proxy missions in the region.

On Wednesday, the 5th Fleet based in Bahrain announced that it will launch the new task force that incorporates airborne, sailing and underwater drones after years of maritime attacks linked to ongoing tensions with Iran.

US Navy officials declined to identify which systems they would introduce from their headquarters in Bahrain, but said the coming months would see the drones stretch their capabilities across the region.

“We want to put more systems out in the maritime domain above, on and below the sea,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, who leads the 5th Fleet. “We want more eyes on what’s happening out there.”

“These measures are in line with the launch of a joint maritime unit between Persian Gulf Arab countries and the Zionist regime. Using the equipment announced, the unit is supposed to play a role in proxy missions thanks to the support of the United States,” Iran’s Nour News agency wrote on Saturday.

“Successive failures in costly military campaigns in West Asia have led to a new US national security strategy, under which the American military focus in the region will change in favor of the development of presence in East Asia and the Chinese Sea,” it added.

According to the report, Washington is expected to hand over part of the missions of its military units in West Asia to Arab states and Israel to make its absence in West Asia and the Persian Gulf not conspicuous.

On September 1, the Tel Aviv regime officially moved into the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) area of responsibility, taking over from the European Command (EUCOM).

Nour News said the move paved the way for Israel to design and implement evil acts in the region with the help of some of the Persian Gulf Arab states.

“The new strategy, which lays the ground for the pursuit of the new national security doctrine, began by creating artificial tensions in the region based on a pre-designed scenario,” it added.

In late July, the US, the UK and Israel blamed Iran for a deadly drone attack on an Israeli-managed oil tanker, the Mercer Street, off the coast of Oman.

A few days later, Reuters claimed that “Iran-backed forces” were believed to have seized the Panama-flagged Asphalt Princess tanker off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Associated Press, citing information from, reported that four tankers – the Queen Ematha, the Golden Brilliant, Jag Pooja and Abyss – broadcast over the Automatic Identification System (AIS) that their vessels were “not under command.”

Later, however, it emerged that all those contradictory reports of maritime incidents were circulated by the Zionists to justify their own evil acts in the region and portray Iran as the country that is causing insecurity, Nour News said.

“The depth of the Zionists’ lies became more evident after the Golden Brilliant docked at Iran’s Bandar Abbas port days after rumors about its possible hijacking.”

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  1. The weapons were intentionally left with the Taliban because they know the Taliban hates Iran.
    They will be used when the MONSTERS that REALLY control our foreign policy order America to attack Iran.
    The MONSTERS are trying to create another false flag thing like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident to trick us into the next fake war.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Jack Dunn | September 11, 2021 | Reply

  2. God damn America! — So thundered my hero UCC Rev. Jeremiah A Wright in his Chicago pulpit circa 2008-9. Relevant and needed then, more relevant and needed today…and the Zionist terror-monster and its psychotically criminal settler-colonial ideology along with it.

    The USA, paying tribute to and following the dictates of Zionists internally and externally, have successfully effed up the minds and actions of the simple-minded/essentially unsophisticated (Sunni) Arabs to corner and manipulate them into consorting with the satanic forces in their midst. Tragic…and spreads the blame and culpability for known-and-as-yet-unknown atrocities to follow in due (Zio) course, always in avid, clever pursuit of Zio objectives….

    Viva Iran! Resist, resist, resist, stand firm!

    As always from me: Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

    (Note: The map-indicated PACOM (US Pacific Command? became the USIPCOM [if that’s the accepted/used acronym]: US Indo-Pacific Command.)

    Thanks to Press TV and AN for good reporting!


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 11, 2021 | Reply

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