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Javid: “Healthcare Staff Facing Mandatory Covid & Flu Jabs”

By Richie Allen | September 14, 2021

Speaking in the House of Commons this morning, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that a consultation has been launched over making Covid and flu vaccinations mandatory for front-line healthcare and social care workers in England.

Javid said that while he’s keeping an open mind until he sees the results of the consultation, he believes that:

“It is highly likely that front-line NHS staff and those working in wider social care settings will also have to be vaccinated to protect those around them and this will be an important step in protecting those at greatest risk”.

Tyranny just rolls off the tongues of these fascists doesn’t it? Nobody cares though. There wasn’t so much as a murmur from the Labour Party benches, the so-called party of the working man and woman.

The Health Secretary had just threatened hundreds of thousands of people who work in the nation’s hospitals and care homes, that if they don’t take his medicine, they’ll be out of a job. Not a peep from Labour.

Javid was laying out his plans for tackling covid and flu this Winter. On flu, he said that in the next few weeks we will see the launch of the largest flu vaccination campaign the country has ever seen.

He said that people will also be encouraged to meet outdoors where possible, and try to let in fresh air when meeting indoors.

He also said that people will be encouraged to wear face masks in crowded areas where they can come into contact with others they don’t normally meet. This was greeted by jeers from his Tory colleagues on the backbenches.

I never believed for a moment, that we would ever see the back of the arbitrary measures introduced to tackle covid. I said many times on The Richie Allen Show that we’d be living with these measures and more forever. I hate being right.

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  1. Here is a suggestion for all those faced with mandatory vaccination. Get it in writing, and get whoever is doing the mandating to sign it!. When they realise that they will be responsible for any bad reaction, injury or death, especially the financial costs, they might have second thoughts. Also, if it is not in your employment contract, advise your employer he/she will need to write a new one, or face breach of contract charges. Of course Sajid Javid will make sure that he is as far away from the result of his decision as he can be (like most cowards in government), so that he doesn’t have to cop the fall out. By the way, has he been vaccinated yet? Or does he have special dispensation as a minister?


    Comment by Bill Francis | September 16, 2021 | Reply

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