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Wikipedia 2122: The Great Covid Madness

By John Ellwood | TCW Defending Freedom | January 15, 2022

THE period 2020-2022 is remembered as the Great Covid Madness.

History has witnessed many periods of mass hysteria including plagues of dancing, witch trials, alien invasion and ghostly apparitions, not to mention the Seattle Windscreen Pitting Epidemic. However, it is likely that the hysteria witnessed during the Great Covid Madness surpassed anything that had gone before or since.

The delusions included:

The belief that the UK’s National Health Service was the ‘envy of the world’.

The belief that propaganda from the BBC, state-controlled media and the Chinese Communist Party was true.

The belief that a rich software salesman was a philanthropist and also an expert on vaccines and the transmission of viruses.

Decisions by managers at so-called ‘Health Trusts’ to send hospital patients with the virus back to care homes to infect other vulnerable old people who did not have the virus.

The insatiable desire to hoard toilet paper.

Banning the sale of ‘non-essential’ items such as shoes, and closing small retailers.

The introduction of pointless and discriminatory ‘health passports’.

The reliance on the accuracy of discredited PCR and LF tests.

Everything associated with Test and Trace.

Quarantine for healthy international travellers.

The persistent belief in discredited statistics from Imperial College London and Sage.

The belief in the proven lies of politicians, and most journalists.

The belief that a dirty rag placed over the mouth and nose was healthy and could stop the inhalation of a microscopic virus.

The belief that a piece of plastic between tables in a cafe could stop the transmission of a virus.

The belief that a sitting person would not transmit a virus whereas a standing person would.

The belief that a healthy person was a threat and could transmit a virus.

The belief that flu had disappeared and that a cold was something to dread.

The banning of healthy exercises such as team sports, golf, swimming and park runs.

Picnics and sunbathing viewed as dangerous to health.

Park benches and playgrounds regarded as disease vectors.

The refusal to distribute effective anti-viral medicines.

The isolation of lonely, sick and vulnerable people.

The closure of churches.

The belief that unjabbed health-care workers posed a greater risk to patients than those who had accepted the experimental gene therapy.

The ruination of the education and life chances of young people who were in no danger from the virus.

The belief that it was safe for six people to meet but not seven or more.

The belief that the indiscriminate injection of an untested experimental gene therapy was sensible.

The belief that mixing and matching the unproven gene therapies was sensible.

The belief that subsequent injections of the experimental gene therapy (which after two injections had not stopped infection or transmission) would prevent infection by and transmission of mutations of the virus.

The refusal to acknowledge or investigate the injuries and deaths caused by the experimental gene therapies.

The dismissal of the concept of naturally acquired immunity.

Willingly sacrificing the health of children and young people on the altar of ‘Community Safety’.

The creation of an unsustainable National Debt.


History records that the tyranny lasted far longer than the virus. Many of those who participated in the hysteria also believed that the tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 caused by human activities would cause catastrophic climate change.

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  1. Quite simply this is a war between good and evil… the virus is the sickness of the human spirit.

    Hidden in plain sight.

    From COINCIDENCE THEORIES to Theories of Conspiracy

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    London Olympics CV19 Opening Ceremony w/ Alternate Commentary

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    Comment by Bill Martillo | January 17, 2022 | Reply

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