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Zhao Condemns “Insane Actions” of West, Banning Russian Art and Literature, Stealing Private Property

By Andrew Anglin | The Daily Stormer | April 2, 2022

Zhao Lijian on Friday made some rather poignant statements about the behavior of the West in response to the ongoing border skirmish in the former USSR, calling it “insane.”

Zhao said:

I heard that Russian conductors were fired by orchastras in certain Western countries for refusing to condemn their motherland, and Russian movies were excluded from certain film awards. In university, the works of Dostoyevsky were banned. The display of the letter “Z” was banned in certain countries.

Western politicians often talk about how literature and art transcend borders, and the same goes for music. They also say “private property is inviolable.” So, what have these writers and musicians done wrong? Meanwhile, the private property of so many Russians has been frozen or confiscated.

Let’s hope that Western politicians will reflect on these principles they keep talking about. Their insane actions are not going to do anything good, and they’re not going to deescalate this situation. I hope that all parties can just calm down, and start working on peace talks, instead of escalating sanctions and tensions.

Whatever you think of either side of this conflict, there cannot be any claim that the West has not consistently violated its own supposed “values,” and it’s important to point that out.

Even if someone was deranged enough to “stand with Ukraine,” they would have to admit that doing so means throwing out the entirety of established global norms, especially to do with the global economic system. Though most troubling is the unilateral move to abolish private property rights.

Stealing Russian property without any charges or any legal process at all is so insane that it is difficult to process that it is happening. But it is taking place on a mass scale, across many Western countries.

Now that they’ve established that if the government says you’re “a bad person” – even if you have no direct involvement in any specific alleged crime – they can confiscate your personal property, it is not going to be long until they start declaring non-Russians to be “bad people” and taking their property.

They are stealing every boat owned by someone with a Russian name, and they’ve confiscated houses and apartments owned by Russians all through Europe.

They stole Lavrov’s daughter’s flat in London – just based on the fact that she is related to someone in the Russian government!

It was really, really stupid to do this seizure thing against Russia, as one of the last points of leverage against China was the fact that China has so many foreign investments. But now China knows, without any doubt, that it is only a matter of time before the West decides to seize those investments.

Americans apparently don’t understand how big of a deal property rights actually are. But everyone else in the world does. It’s literally the basis of civilization. To simply throw out the entire concept – without even going through any kind of process – in the name of a moral panic is probably the single easiest microcosm to look at to understand just how unhinged these people have become.

They no longer have any ability to claim to be enforcing a “rules based order,” which was the foundation of the claim that America made to having a moral right to run the world.

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  1. DC(Demented Criminals) sanction weather
    systems coming from Russia.

    No air allowed from Russia.

    Sanction the sun coming from Russia.

    Sanction every Russian Yid in ersatz israel.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | April 2, 2022 | Reply

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