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Berlin Physician Estimates Cases Of Severe Side Effects At 3%… Projected One Million Affected In Germany

By P Gosselin – No Tricks Zone – 3. April 2022

While Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach continues to insist the mRNA technology vaccines are “more or less free of side effects”, German commentary site here reports how vaccine injuries have exploded across Germany.

Waiting list grows to 800

The site reports “the Marburg University Hospital has set up a special outpatient clinic for patients with side effects after the Corona vaccination, and the waiting list has grown to about 800 patients.”

Recently a number of doctors have been warning about the risks of the vaccines at Dr. Gunter FrankDr. Jochen Ziegler and Dr. Andreas Zimmermann.

“Virtually overrun” by patients

Dr. Jochen Ziegler wrote Germany could have “a real socio-medical emergency” that would also even result in “a fundamental crisis of confidence in the state and its institutions”.

Slowly, and ever so hesitantly, the first major media outlets like Austrian Servus TV and Germany’s ARD plusminus, have reported on vaccine side effects. Most recently the Berliner Zeitung reported on physician Erich Freisleben, whose practice is virtually “overrun” by patients with vaccination side effects.

Potentially 1 million affected

According to, Dr. Freisleben “estimates the cases of severe vaccine side effects at three percent. That would affect a projected one million people in Germany alone.”

According to Freisleben: “I’ve seen maybe five or six side effects with vaccines before in 35 years of practicing medicine. For the novel vaccines, I have now counted 96. That’s out of proportion.”

Ignoring history comments that “we are dealing here with a completely new vaccination technology” and: “We do not yet know what the new mRNA vaccines will do to our immune system.”

Freisleben warns against compulsory vaccination and that a “softening of the Basic Law would mean not having understood the lessons of history.”

“Compulsory vaccination would open the door wide to abuse,” the Berlin physician adds.

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  1. It has taken too long for the truth to come out about these “Unproven” vaccines, and it would seem very fortuitous, that the Vaccine companies have protection from the law, against legal action by recipients of the vaccines.
    How lucky are the Vaccine companies, now that multi thousands of people around the world are showing “adverse outcomes”
    I think it is called “Medical Fraud”.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 3, 2022 | Reply

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