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Why is no one asking if children’s liver damage is linked to the vaccine?

By Kathy Gyngell | TCW Defending Freedom | April 11, 2022

LAST week Sky News reported that parents were being warned ‘to check for signs’ after an ‘unusual’ spike in liver illness in under-tens.

More than 70 children under the age of ten have been diagnosed with hepatitis. There have been about 60 cases in England, and in Scotland 11 have gone to hospital. Dr Meera Chand, director of clinical and emerging infections at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said: ‘Investigations for a wide range of potential causes are under way, including any possible links to infectious diseases.’

Health managers in Scotland admitted that the speed with which the outbreak has moved, the severity of cases and geographical spread made it ‘unusual’ with cases diagnosed in Lanarkshire, Tayside, Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and Fife.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) said: ‘There are currently no clear causes and no obvious connection between them.’ Have they checked?

The cause that springs immediately and urgently to mind, the Covid vaccine, apparently has not occurred to them.  Nor to the UKHSA who, one day later, sent an urgent alert to clinicians on a noted ‘increase in acute hepatitis cases of unknown aetiology in children’.

It said: ‘UKHSA is working with the NHS and public health colleagues across the UK to investigate the potential cause of an unusually high number of acute hepatitis cases being seen in children from England, Scotland and Wales in the past few weeks. There is no known association with travel, and hepatitis viruses (A to E) have not been detected in these children.

The clinical syndrome in identified cases is of severe acute hepatitis with markedly elevated transaminases [enzymes], often with jaundice, sometimes preceded by gastrointestinal symptoms including vomiting as a prominent feature, in children up to the age of 16 years. In England, there are approximately 60 cases under investigation with most cases being 2 to 5 years old. Some cases have required transfer to specialist children’s liver units and a small number of children have undergone liver transplantation. Based on reports from the specialist units, no child has died. The underlying cause of this increase in presentation since early 2022 currently remains unknown.’

Clinicians are asked to be alert to this emerging situation, and to be vigilant to children presenting with signs and symptoms potentially attributable to hepatitis. These include:

·         discolouration of urine (dark) and/or faeces (pale)

·         jaundice

·         pruritus [itching]

·         arthralgia [joint stiffness]/myalgia

·         pyrexia [fever]

·         nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain

·         lethargy and/or loss of appetite

Clinicians do not appear to have been asked to check the obvious – the child’s vaccination status.

Although the main 5 to 11 rollout of vaccine started in England only three days prior to the Sky News report, in Scotland and Northern Ireland it started several weeks earlier, and designated high risk 5-11s in England have been offered it from late February.

One doctor and former science journalist said to me: ‘The vaccine would be my first guess rather than some completely new disease as the liver is one of the targets where the mRNA producing the spike protein gathers.  We also know that the lipid nanoparticles were concentrated in the livers of mice and rats from Pfizer’s own data [leaked last year and now confirmed with the data released on court order]’. It would be feasible to happen quickly, he told me, as the inflammatory process is highest in the first week post vaccination.

Furthermore a long and referenced Twitter thread below reveals reports of arthralgia and joint pain vaccine reaction in 5-11-year-olds in the latest Pfizer documents disclosures and by Health Canada.

This is why it is of the utmost urgency that the sick children’s vaccine status is identified. We have contacted the UKHSA and asked them directly whether or not they are investigating Covid jabs, and await their reply.

It is terrifying and tragic that the health watchdogs remain deaf to and in denial about the dangers of child Covid vaccination.

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  1. I don’t think anyone really knows what the Long Term effects of these Covid Vaccines will be. Unproven scientifically, people are dying all over the World, and Luckily for the Vaccine makers, They have been exempted from prosecution for any damage they cause. Lucky them Huh?


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 10, 2022 | Reply

  2. It’s not a Vacine.
    It’s Gene Therapy.
    With respect….Words…have meaning.


    Comment by Chris | April 11, 2022 | Reply

    • We have not been told it is Gene therapy. It has always been referred to as a Vaccine. We know we’ve been lied to, and the people who have been made ill, all over the world deserve an explanation, for this deception. It’s too late for the ones who have died.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 11, 2022 | Reply

  3. Seems that case under investigation are being 2 to 5 years old… That shoud not had a shot of this gene therapy, or I’m wrong? Thanks


    Comment by Dimitri Bimbi | April 19, 2022 | Reply

    • English is a troubling language. It seems that the meaning is 2 to 5 year-olds.


      Comment by aletho | April 19, 2022 | Reply

  4. 1) even though denied, assume vaxxed
    2) assume a fauxi at work in the shadows
    3) some speculate imprisonment, isolation, masks, sanitizer have
    weakened and/or prevented development of the immune systems.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | April 19, 2022 | Reply

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