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Conspiracies about conspiracy theories

A little trip down memory lane

el gato malo – bad cattitude – may 16, 2022

My goodness, these “conspiracy theorists” certainly do have vivid imaginations, don’t they?

i mean, that would be terribly divisive, counter to rights, and directly antagonistic to people who just want bodily autonomy. can you even imagine public officials doing something like that?

pretty far fetched…

or health bodies using disease to engage in surveillance?

or governments seeking to do the same and mitigate privacy altogether?

i mean, that’s just silly!

what next, some wild eyed claims that they want universal digital ID?

that they have been quietly rolling out the standards for

and making international and inescapable?

i mean, what will these prolific conspiracy boffins think up next, some sort of state run digital currencies to link to this new ID and surveillance state?

i mean, who would even suggest something like that?

and anyhow, what’s the worst that could happen?

i mean, they told us this is all benign, right?

and it’s not like they ever lied to us before! (or if they did, i’m sure it was for our own good…)

and it’s not like they are seeking to give this power to deeply compromised and captured transnational agencies with no accountability whatsoever and grant them authority over citizens who had no say in the matter…

“The Biggest Global Power Grab We Have Seen in Our Lifetimes”: How Serious is the Threat From the WHO Pandemic Treaty?

so let’s all take a breath. i’m sure you’re just overwrought and imagining things.

there are no conspiracies.

no one is out to get you, least of all some shadowy davos cabal.

and come on, if they were really trying to do this to you, i’m sure they would not just come right out and tell you in some sort of james bond villain megalomaniacal monologue.

i mean, this is real life. no one actually does that…

and hey, i’m sure they’ll probably manage to keep those first 2 promises.

watch out for that third one though.

i have some real doubts about it it…

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