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Global Aviation Union waves red flag on pilots’ vaccine injuries

By Mike Campbell | The Counter Signal | June 3, 2022

The Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC) has called for an end to vaccine mandates for pilots worldwide due to a disturbing number of them having vaccine injuries, of which some resulted in death.

“The undersigned pilot advocacy groups, scientists and doctors are hearing daily from vaccine-injured airline pilots. These harms include cardiovascular issues, blood clots, neurological and auditory issues, to name just a few,” their statement reads.

“While not an exhaustive list, the airlines below have pilots on staff who are vaccine injured and with whom our pilot advocacy groups are in contact:

    • Jetstar Australia
    • Qantas Australia
    • Virgin Australia Australia
    • Air Canada Canada
    • Air Transat Canada
    • WestJet Canada
    • Air France France
    • EasyJet France
    • HOP France
    • Lufthansa Germany
    • TUI Netherlands
    • KLM Netherlands
    • American USA
    • Delta USA
    • JetBlue USA
    • Southwest USA
    • United USA
    • Frontier USA
    • Alaska USA
    • Spirit USA”

If you are wondering about why airlines are facing massive cancellations due to staffing problems this explains it all.

GAAC further calls out federal aviation regulators – such as Transport Canada – for failing to live up to aviation safety standards.

“Many pilots also sought guidance from civil aviation regulators. These regulators are ultimately responsible for the safe and secure transport of citizens, yet most, if not all, actively ignored their own safety recommendations against unproven, unapproved drug use or medical trials for flight crews. Transport Canada, for instance, simply removed this online guidance the week following numerous pointed, written questions on the same.” [Emphasis added]

Additionally, GAAC claims the staffing shortages are directly related to the vaccine mandates. Some pilots viewed the experimental vaccine as too risky, their statement says, so they were forced into unpaid leave as a result. Others, they claim, submitted to the coercive mandates to feed their families, causing mental health problems, as well as injuring and even killing some of them.

“Now, the global aviation industry is heading into a dire staffing shortage.”

GAAC calls for an end to all vaccine mandates for pilots (where they remain); enhanced medical screenings of pilots and cabin crews to account for the increase in injuries; and hiring third-party regulators to analyze data on said injuries and determine if vaccination was the cause.

Despite this call, Canadian Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra recently voted against ending the federal vaccine mandates, just as Canadian airline Westjet’s CEO, Alexis von Hoensbroech, spoke out against the mandates.

Canada remains one of the last countries to keep their federal vaccine mandates in place. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. Indeed, earlier this week, Trudeau said that vaccine mandates must stay to protect against future variants that do not even exist.

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  1. There’s an awful stench to this pandemic, and over the last 28 months or so, the facts and figures relating to this “Pandemic” seem to indicate that the “Pandemic” was not a “Pandemic” at all, but, just another “Flu” virus, which go around every year, BUT NOT ALL AROUND THE WORLD AT THE SAME TIME, and over two + years.
    And, the virus itself is NOT as dangerous as the Vaccines used to treat it(Which most fortunately, received legal protection against legal action, in case of people being harmed by said vaccines).

    And now, very worryingly, we have “Creepy” Bill Gates, smiling, as he predicts there will be 10 Pandemics in 10 years. Even Nostradamus couldn’t have predicted that.
    Keep an eye on Gates. Americans(and the rest of us as well) cannot trust him……Extreme Wealth has ‘gone to his head’……….


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 5, 2022 | Reply

  2. Idiots! These rogue govt officials are only in power due to stollen elections. Wake up ! This is the plan of the one world govt to decrease the population and cause chaos in order to swoop and n and claim they have a plan to bring peace and calm to all. Red your Bibles folks. Draw near to God. Revelation in the Bible is playing out right before our eyes. Battle these corrupt politicians now or lose your freedoms worldwide.


    Comment by Meg Walls- Ilgenfritz | June 6, 2022 | Reply

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