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Covid shots for little kids are DOA

The fawning media coverage notwithstanding, uptake has been pitifully low

By Alex Berenson | Unreported Truths | July 2, 2022

Despite a massive media and government pressure campaign, American parents are overwhelmingly rejecting Covid vaccines for their young children.

About one week after the shots became available, barely 1 percent of children under 5 have received mRNA jabs for Covid, data from several states show.


Even in California, among the bluest states, only about 2 percent of kids under 5 have been jabbed.

Demand is likely to be near zero going forward. The recent history of Covid shots shows that the increasingly tiny minority of mRNA fanatics get themselves or their children jabbed or boosted quickly after regulators okay new doses. So pent-up desire for new shots is likely nonexistent.

As usual, elite media outlets have largely refused to acknowledge this reality, instead running endless articles that seek to normalize and encourage the shots.

(CNN gonna CNN:)

But at this point many parents have seen and experienced the side effects of the vaccines for themselves. They also know firsthand that the shots do little if anything to stop Omicron infections (though they may not be aware how terrible the data truly are). And they know that Covid is a minuscule risk for children who are not already seriously ill, and that most kids have already been exposed.

(All the Sesame Street ads in the world can’t change reality. Congrats, Elmo. You’re in the 1 percent. Cute Band-Aid, though.)

But as it becomes clear just how few little kids have gotten the shots, any future media and public health pressure campaigns will look embarrassingly out-of-touch.

Someone may want to tell the Biden Administration: the less said about the pathetic decision to make these shots available for kids under 5, the better.

Oh, wait, too late.

Uncle Joe wins again!

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  1. “Even in California, among the bluest states, only about 2 percent of kids under 5 have been jabbed”.

    Hooray, Americans(and the rest of the World) have suddenly realised that “Covid 19” is not even close to being a “PANDEMIC”, and people like Dr(“Ratface” Fauci, and Bill Gates, who smiled when he predicted 10 ‘Pandemics in 10 years”, have NO CREDIBILITY at all.

    Covid 19 has a survival rate(in Australia) of 99%(with older people being victims), JUST LIKE a NORMAL Flu season.
    Vaccinating children around 5 years old, appears to me to be Child Abuse, by the Vaccine Companies…..


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | July 3, 2022 | Reply

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