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Ghoulishly clever psyop pits our own defense mechanisms against us

By Meryl Nass, MD | August 6, 2022

1. Multiple papers now suggest that COVID mRNA vaccines impair not just immunity to COVID, but immunity and immune surveillance overall.

The implication is that the vaxxed are more susceptible to a variety of infections, and perhaps also to cancer. Immune surveillance is what identifies cancer cells and kills them before they can proliferate.

So, you are vaccinated. The implications of this information are too frightening to be allowed into consciousness. You don’t need the external censors to suppress this knowledge; you do it automatically with your built-in defense mechanisms.

2. Data from multiple countries now shows that all cause mortality (deaths from everything) are higher in the vaccinated.

This is just as scary, if not more so, than an increased risk of serious infections and cancer. You deny and/or suppress this information, because it simply cannot be allowed to be true.

3. You vaccinated your child. This may have impaired their fertility, increased the cancer risk, etc. etc. etc.

Of all pieces of information that absolutely cannot be allowed to enter your consciousness, let alone be openly discussed in polite company, this one tops all. So you will simply refuse to allow mention of it. Friends whose conversations veer off in this direction must be obliterated. Requiring that all family members and friends be vaccinated protects you from facing those for whom this discussion does not trigger the existential and uncontrollable pain it does for the vaccinated.

And Voila — you have a controlled and cowed population who have become their own thought police.

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  1. People’s health can be negatively affected when they believe that they are going to die. That’s why I can’t tell people the truth about the vaccines. But from all the possible outcomes, which I believe are either death, sterility or the passing of damaged genes to the next generation, the third is absolutely the worst. This would spell the end of humanity.


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | August 8, 2022 | Reply

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