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Afghanistan Forms Committee to Launch Practical Work on TAPI Gas Pipeline: Official

Samizdat – 20.08.2022

Afghanistan has established a committee to launch practical work on the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline (TAPI) after a pause following the Taliban (under UN sanctions over terrorism) takeover, Esmatullah Burhan, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, said on Saturday.

“A ministerial committee has been formed. The Ministry of Finance carries out the financial affairs of this committee,” Burhan was quoted as saying by Afghan broadcaster TOLO News. The body will be headed by acting Afghan First Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar, according to the report.

In addition, Afghanistan intends to send a delegation to Turkmenistan in the near future to discuss the implementation of the TAPI project, the broadcaster said, citing the foreign ministry.

“We will have a visit to Turkmenistan, and we will talk about the gas prices and implementation of projects in Herat and also the industrial parks,” Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Shafay Azam was quoted as saying.

In February 2021, the Taliban pledged not to jeopardize the TAPI project after a meeting of the movement’s delegation with Turkmen Foreign Minister Rashid Moradov. However, last year, the chaotic security situation in Afghanistan still hampered the pipeline’s construction.

TAPI’s construction was launched in 2015. The 1,814-kilometer (1,127 miles) pipeline will transport natural gas from Caspian Sea deposits in Turkmenistan via Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. The annual capacity of the pipeline is expected to reach 33 billion cubic meters (1.1 trillion cubic feet).

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  1. I recall this pipeline was planned well before ‘9-11-2001’ by International Bechtel. It was mysteriously held up. Afghanistan was blamed but the reason not widely known. It is suspected that the government wanted a little more by way of ‘wayleave’ charges which IB was reluctant to pay. Soon after the attacks on ‘9-11’ were falsely blamed on a guest and because the government refused to give him away without evidence, which President Bush was unable to provide, the country was blasted back to the Stone Age in an illegal act of intemperate and misplaced retribution. It is therefore wrong to blame the Taliban for the delay to the pipeline. They desperately want the money, which the US bars them from receiving, based on the extended lie about ‘funding terrorism’.


    Comment by jbthring | August 20, 2022 | Reply

    • We do know that the Taliban are not and never were an impediment to this project. And now, the murky ISIS poses a security threat.

      We also know that for two decades the US was able to threaten Israel’s nemesis Iran from Bagram Air base.

      Energy flow from Turkmenistan to India makes little sense from the Western global dominance view. The project was initiated by Bridas, an Argentine outfit.


      Comment by aletho | August 20, 2022 | Reply

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