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Dr. Paul Alexander explains how we were lied to with malice aforethought

Intro by Jon Davy

This short, powerful video is damning.

Here is YET ANOTHER of a liberation army of medical professionals speaking out how we were lied to with malice aforethought.

As a result of these deliberate calculated efforts to deceive the public, millions were cajoled, bullied or frightened into submitting to injection with biochemical agents that were neither safe nor effective,

In fact they were the opposite of safe and effective.

And for many they have already proven deadly. How high the total of people injured or murdered will go, only time will tell.

If you have lost family members, loved ones or friends to these toxic injections or indeed to the lockdowns and other consequences of the misleadingly, mendaciously propagandised fake pandemic designed to “sell” the killjab program, you should be angry.

And your anger should be channeled into a demand for justice for all those deceived to death by the architects of this Mass Poisoning Event.

But let us not get “reasonable” about this and let off the hook the criminals behind this vicious attack on our nations, whose death and injury toll looks set to rival any conventional war.

These were not merely “mistakes” or the result of mind-boggling ineptitude or even criminal negligence although the ineptitude and negligence might well apply to some. But the political leaders, ministers and committees “advising” them knew they were lying to us. Theirs, then, are premeditated crimes of the most extreme kind.

All those responsible for this vicious operation and all those collaborators and quislings who aided abetted – including those who administered the injections MUST face justice for what they have done.

And the feckless, reckless, clueless and ruthless swamp creatures who have infiltrated our government must be replaced by honest people who will devise wise policies for ensuring this debacle cannot be inflicted on the People again.

And a strong move in that direction would be to introduce the uncompromising principle that all (ALL) officials, bureaucrats, politicians, corporate oligarchs and so forth are answerable and accountable and responsible for what they do.




August 30, 2022 - Posted by | Deception, Timeless or most popular, Video, War Crimes |


  1. I received my 3rd Booster Covid Injection this one made by Pfizer in January 2022 and 1/2 hour later I completely lost the sight in my right eye, reported to NHS Yellow Card and now under investigation at Eye Hospital


    Comment by Kevin Hiatt | August 30, 2022 | Reply

  2. My brother, here in Australia, had the full 4 Vaccinations……..and then contracted Covid 19. We have been deliberately deceived by Schwab, Gates, Fauci, and a host of other ‘unknowns’ and idiots like Trudeau, and various other elected politicians around the World. Boot them OUT at the first opportunity…….


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 30, 2022 | Reply

  3. Hate to say it, but Dr. Paul Alexander is a little bit late in standing up and complaining about about the covid vaccine mass deception. Plenty of other uncompromised medical experts have been saying these things ever since the introduction of the ‘vaccine’. And, unfortunately, he still buys into the covid ‘virus’ fallacy. If, and when, he realises that the ‘virus’ itself was part of the hoax, then he might have more credibility.

    On a more positive note, I have to agree wholeheartedly with Jon Davy’s introduction. All the conspirators and collaborators have to be brought to justice. As they used to say in ‘western’ movies, “they will get a fair trial and a fair hanging!”

    As regards changes, especially in Anglo parliamentary countries, the parliamentary oath has to be to serve the country and the people upon pain of dismissal from the parliament, and financial or criminal sanctions as necessary. At the moment parliamentarians only swear loyalty to the monarch, who, in the case of Canada and Australia, does not reside in either country. This means the monarch has control of the politicians, and any loyalty they have to their own country is secondary.


    Comment by Bill Francis | August 31, 2022 | Reply

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