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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It was Ronny(Idiot)Reagan who called for “Government to get out of the way and let business do its thing”(and was voted by Big Business as America’s Greatest ever President(??). I saw a quote recently by Reagan, “You can tell a lot about a guy, by the way he eats jelly beans”(such was the level of his ‘intellect’).

    And now, The USA has another geriatric president. Can you imagine what is going on behind the scenes in Washington, with “Geriatric Joe” in the oval office?
    The USA/American people are in big trouble, with a Clown as President, and he won’t be the last one either.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 1, 2022 | Reply

  2. It is complicated. There is the day to day and then the over level. The locus of “they” changes. The “deep state”, the Powers That Be (PTB), globalists, whatever is pluralistic. Sometimes “they” fight amongst themselves and we gain more awareness – Trump and the Democrats. Great Britain used to be the main player into the 20th century. The Round Table was a main instigator of WW1 as Germany was a rising challenger. Now the Germans are doing the the job to themselves. After WW2 the US became the center of the AngloZionist Empire. The world is a big and complicated place so “they” never have the complete control “they” desire. After WW2 the CIA with its New England aristocracy was a major player. The CIA was outed in the 70s so the locus moved to the NSA. “They” got away with assassinating JFK, RFK, and MLK and have gained power every decade since in the US. Technology continually makes the pie bigger so new groups and people are added. The old royal families of Europe and the international banksters. Merchants and international corporations especially fossil fuels – Silicon Valley Chinese billionaires. Decisions were made by the Bilderbergers meetings in the 70s but as people became aware it moved to Davos. There is debate in the conspiracy world whether it ever moved from the City of London to Wall Street. There are powerful nationalists like Putin Or Xi that want the best for their populations. Both hate Soros. In their countries there are powerful 5th columns who take their orders from the globalists. Lately the eugenistic factions are convinced that “Who ya gonna get to do the dirty work, when all the slaves are free?” doesn’t matter anymore. “They” think the advances in robotics and Artificial Intelligence have made “us” replaceable. – useless eaters, deplorables. Fossil fuel factions appear to be less important as Climate catastrophe is the next control mechanism or maybe another actually deadly pathogen. Getting 6 billion people to line up holding their children’s hands along deep trenches would be hard to make happen. So Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the world. Worked with about 80% in the US and Europe with flu-like covid. Not so much in Africa.


    Comment by gepay | September 2, 2022 | Reply

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