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Gavin Newsom Sics California’s Medical Boards on Doctors who Challenge the Coronavirus Party Line

By Adam Dick | Ron Paul Institute | October 1, 2022

On September 8, I wrote about California Governor Gavin Newsom having AB 2098 — legislation that “tells the state’s medical boards to punish doctors who challenge the coronavirus orthodoxy” — on his desk for him to either veto or sign into law. The punishment the state medical boards could impose under the legislation includes revoking doctors’ medical licenses.

Here is an update. On Friday, Newsom signed into law this bill directing the prosecution of an attack on free speech, medical freedom, and the pursuit of better health.

The coronavirus orthodoxy, or party line, the legislation seeks to protect has repeatedly been wrong — from promoting “social distancing” and mask wearing that have not been shown to provide a net benefit in countering coronavirus to advocating that everyone take the “safe and effective” coronavirus “vaccine” shots that turned out to be both exceedingly dangerous and ineffective. The coronavirus orthodoxy also demanded that much of the economy and social interactions be shut down for an extended period of time in a supposed effort to reduce the spread of the not-very-threatening-to-most-people coronavirus. In short, the coronavirus orthodoxy is an enemy of wellbeing.

Newsom’s decision to sign AB 2098 into law is not surprising given that he has been one of the governors most adamant in imposing a coronavirus crackdown.

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  1. Politics driving medicine…bad mix. There are already mechanisms in place for malpractice. This law may well be used to selectively target some outspoken voices of genuine concern or caution to silence the majority.

    However, it seems the majority of Californians are content with elected —mostly Democrats—commanding doctors to toe the line on one acceptable narrative.

    All the best to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Pat H | October 2, 2022 | Reply

  2. What “Medical Qualifications” does the Governor, Gavin Newsome, have to order doctors to effectively LIE to their patients? If he’s as corrupted as the Federal Governments “Representatives”, he’ll be as rotten as a human being can get.

    And, Americans rights to free speech should be protected under law. The USA has become totally fascist, just like Hitler and Mussolini were in the 1930’s.

    “Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely”……(Lord Acton.)


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | October 3, 2022 | Reply

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